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Rock Legend Richie Furay Embarks On a Flurry of Activity in Music City

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Richie Furay is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted in 1997 along with the other stellar members of the Buffalo Springfield. But, it was the band he founded after that group's demise in 1968 called POCO that is set to take center stage later in the year with the forthcoming release of Furay's upcoming solo album called - "50th Anniversary Return to the Troubadour". This multi disc extravaganza will in part recreate and pay homage to the country rock pioneer's first groundbreaking live set called Deliverin'. Furay and friends spent a furious few days in Nashville in the last week of January 2021 to lay the groundwork for this and several momentous occasions that will soon be celebrated by the revered rocker.

Richie Furay films a segment with the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. (Photo courtesy of David Stone)

First on the agenda was a sit down interview with the Country Music Hall of Fame in downtown Nashville that will be documented as part of a new and exciting exhibit on the origins of country rock set to make a debut in 2022. Now might be a good time for POCOnuts to ring the offices of the curators on Demonbruen to make sure the group formally known as POGO finally gets their due as the de facto originators of the genre that made many others much more rich and famous than they ever became.

From there Furay and friends headed up to Hendersonville for a chat with Governor Mike Huckabee at the TBN studios where Richie was engaged in a conversation about love and faith before debuting a patriotic and godly new track called "America, America" that sounded so good with the help of the Music City Connection - the talented television band that often features Huckabee holding down the bass guitar duties. The new song is available now as an all acoustic single on Furay's website as a lead in to his next studio album of country classic covers that will be out in late Spring/ early Summer. "Pickin' Up the Pieces" - the first song ever recorded by POCO - gets a remake with a completely new arrangement on this much anticipated project. The staff at MCN has been advised to watch for a special concert at the CMHOF in Nashville around that time. We can't wait.

We also can't wait for the upcoming Richie Furay documentary project that is being produced by Richie's manager David Stone with much of the funding coming from fans via a Go Fund Me campaign. The movie promises to be not only the untold story of Richie's historical past, but will also journal his accomplishments today, and share what is planned for future projects.

With this news it's abundantly true that Richie remains at the top of his game - creating and performing music today that is relevant and contemporary as it was when he started out over a half century ago. As Bob Kramer from The Country Music Hall of Fame Museum recently stated, "Let me be crystal clear: Richie Furay is THE VOICE of Country Rock".

Richie Furay has set an April 2021 release date for "50th Anniversary Return to the Troubadour".

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