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Live Music Is Found at the 404 Bar in Nashville

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Any experienced surfer on the World Wide Web can tell you what the dreaded "404 message" means. The frustrating return in any browser indicates that the file or page you were looking for cannot be found. In Nashville, Tennessee - otherwise know as Music City - live music was in short supply and not readily available for these past three months due to the pernicious plague that criss-crossed the planet. But, at one nightspot on Tuesday, June 23, 2020 music made a marvelous comeback at the 404 Bar & Grill Open Mic hosted by Javelyn.

Rockin' Rich Lynch and Javelyn at the 404 Bar in Nashville.

Javelyn put the word out to some of her closest friends and associates to gather in order to help put the emphasis "back on love" after too many weeks of trying times and troubling uncertainty. The charismatic entertainer got the show going before handing the stage over to MCN founder Rockin' Rich Lynch who presented four of his insightful tracks including his most recent "The Talk of the Town" that documents his take on the Covid 19 downtime.

Kirstie Krause and Javelyn back in the saddle again with "Giddyup".

Not alone in that idea, Jesse Lopez and Kirstie Kraus presented the humorous "Quarantine Made Me Do It" that described in song some of the wacky things they did while stuck at home including discovering how many crackers they could get in their mouth without choking. Two newcomers to Nashville proved that Music City is still a magnet for talent even if things have significantly changed here for the moment. Lara Lenhoff from South Africa made her live debut in town with some heartfelt keyboard constructions while Donnie Qevalle from Los Angeles offered something quite different with a mashed up a poetry slam and comedy routine that mixed with a rock vocal lesson. Javelyn returned to the stage with Kirstie to trot out "Giddyup" their fun-spirited response to unwanted mask mandates.

Jesse Lopez, Donnie Qevalle, sound guy Brandon and Lara Lenhoff at the 404 Bar.

Javelyn - a longtime supporter of the independent music scene is Los Angeles, Nashville and through her television hosting duties - will return to the 404 Bar & Grill on July 14 for the next edition of this event. We'll be sure to drop in to take in the music and taste the catfish with a side of fried pickles. It's going to be another good time in Music City so come on out and see what you can find!

Joshua, Kirstie Krause, Rockin' Rich Lynch and Jesse & Kirstie.

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