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Amanda McCarthy & Friends Shine Bright in Brentwood

by Rich and Laura Lynch

If you need any proof that Mid-Tenn is overflowing with musical expertise you need look no further than the Brentwood Wednesday Night Music Series hosted by Javelyn and held every week at the Brentwood Suites. On March 31, 2021 the evening's rounds were organized by musician Amanda McCarthy whose list of friends and performers included some of the finest local talent now working the scene in Nashville.

It all went down at the 622 located inside the Brentwood Suites.

Amanda McCarthy is a courageous storyteller compelled to speak the truth. Now based in Nashville and raised in New England, she is an award-winning songwriter, entertainer and recording artist. Blending many influences and described by many as "fearless" - her original music is the infusion of pop, country, modern folk and rock - sprinkled with millennial snark and the heart of an old soul. In her featured round she demonstrated just how deep her well goes with the colorful "Green" and the determined "Don't Stop Me" with rhymthic support from Tom Shubsda. MCN's Rockin' Rich Lynch tried to keep pace with acoustic takes on "Jesus Rock", "Ode to the Chemtrail Pilots" and "Those Days".

From top left: Amanda McCarthy, Rockin' Rich Lynch, Jon Worthy, Thomas Gunn and Korie Burton.

More standouts from the evening included the fantastic Hayden B. Helms from Louisiana who was warming up for an evening set at Kid Rock's with his full band as he recalled "Sunday Driving in Pennsylvania". Dean Harlem offered up some sweet picking on "Never Should Apologize". Tyler Openshaw was fantastic on double duty adding foot percussion to his winning guitar and vocals especially on the moving and reflective "Sing Along". Nashville's Jon Worthy got an extended featured set filled with new songs that revealed why he is an upcoming "artist to watch" on Nashville's Lightning 100.

Not to be outdone, the ladies of Music City were also prominently featured and included Korie Burton who offered up her first cut - the tasty "Liquorish" that appears on the new album by Brady Lee. Emily Stevens brought the soul straight outta the deep south showing off keyboard skills she acquired in Mississippi and Cajun Country. Ally Jane recently completed college and headed straight to Nashville to begin showcasing her muse and concerns for soon turning "23".

From top left: Dean Harlem, Ally Jane, Emily Stevens, Hana Kahn, Tyler Openshaw and Ryley Wilson.

Speaking of moving to town that was a theme that recurred throughout the evening. Ryley Wilson was another young gun - seemingly seasoned beyond his years - who just relocated from North Carolina two weeks ago. He eagerly leaped into the showcase game with his take on future fame called "I'll Be the Same" that found him off and running with a great start. Hana Kahn and Thomas Gunn rounded out the rounds for this night by revealing they too had just moved here following an ill-fated stay in Arizona that had them scrambling for greener pastures in the midst of the pandemic. The pair - originally from the Northeast - emerged stronger from the setbacks and appear ready to make their mark in our music town.

Hayden B. Helms was working overtime in advance of his evening set at Kid Rock's on Broadway.

The Brentwood Wednesday Night Music Series are spearheaded by the ever-energetic Javelyn who puts her networking expertise to use when she isn't herself performing at any number of venues in the region. Every week a new featured artist leads a full evening's worth of music and performances and shows are scheduled well into the summer. Amanda McCarthy's next "Nashville Writers Collective" will take place on the fourth Wednesday in April.

Who will perform at the next Brentwood Wednesday Night Music Series showcase?

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