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Amanda Cooksey Keeps Cooking in Nashville; Remains Defiantly "In Denial" on Latest 50's Influenced Single

by Rich and Laura Lynch

I can't deny it. I got a thing for the enduring and alluring Amanda Cooksey. But, I'm clearly not alone. Just ask her nearly 23,000 Instagram followers who - like me - enjoy her breathy pop and jazz infused creations that ultimately defy categorizarition.

Amanda Cooksey takes off with "In Denial" in 2021.

It's hard to believe that the gorgeous Orlando, Florida born and raised one-time beauty pageant contestant would have trouble getting over a particularly brutal breakup. But, that's the backstory she's selling in advance of her '50s inspired bop "In Denial" that finds her continuing to tow her unique line between Pop and Country music. Cooksey and her co-writers Michael August, Austin Nivarel, and Steve Lester set out to create a place where one could live "in denial," where the breakup never happened. Hooking you in from the first beat with clever songwriting and pop hooks, "In Denial" is a relatable song that many will be able to imagine themselves in.

"I went through a really difficult breakup about two years ago now that inspired 'In Denial.' A little after my ex and I broke up, I came up with the concept of making denial a place where I could live in blissful ignorance - somewhere the relationship never ended. At the time, I was going through the stages of grief that people sometimes go through after experiencing heartbreak and channeled those emotions while writing the song. My co-writers and I had such a great time writing this one because we were able to paint our own version of paradise," says Cooksey.

"I love it here in denial
Think I might stay for a while
There's no clouds or rain just sunny days
I wear my shades and a smile on my face
Ain't no sad songs on this dial
Just cotton candy skies for miles
Straw to my lips ignorance is bliss
And his goodbye might not be final
Here in denial"

Cooksey it seems got the last laugh - or at the very least - a pretty fine song out of the traumatic transaction. The Belmont University graduate has methodically charted a course for success in the music industry with her previous singles including "Yo Mama" serving as the road map to reach the breakout point she finds herself at today. Take a listen to "In Denial" and one fact will soon become clear - she's undeniable.

Amanda Cooksey performs live in Nashville in 2018.

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