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Guitarist Dave Isaacs Begins a New Chapter in Nashville

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Dave Isaacs - guitarist, instructor, performer and writer pens a new chapter with the release of his first book! The Perpetual Beginner is part memoir and part instruction manual. In this well written work, Isaacs tells his tale of music student to mentor - or as Dave states a musician's path to lifelong learning.

Guitarist Dave Isaacs Begins a New Chapter in Nashville
Guitarist Dave Isaacs Begins a New Chapter as an author in Nashville.

In a town teaming with talent, Isaacs has gained a solid reputation as a teacher living up to his moniker of the "Nashville Guitar Guru". The Perpetual Beginner flows in a conversational tone starting with Dave's story of his formative years all the way into the present day. Yet, it's packed with practical advice, concepts and techniques for artists at all stages of their career or hobby. Although his ideas are written for musicians, much of what Dave shares carries over to everyday life with a reminder to all readers to listen more closely to music especially for those who play an instrument.

In chapter three - practice and the importance of rituals are broken down into key points for skill development, problem solving, mastering the vocabulary of your trade and for musicians learning and performing specific repertoires. Another important area is the art of improvisation and performing with others. Each chapter conveys ideas and methods for improvement.

Isaacs is an award-winning graduate of the Manhattan School of Music, with a Master of Music degree in classical guitar performance. He was a full-time instructor of music/music technology at Tennessee State University from 2009-2013, and taught music theory and listening skills in the audio production program at the Art Institute of Tennessee-Nashville from 2008 to 2016. Much of Dave's experiences and expertise are imparted in The Perpetual Beginner - thus, making it a valuable resource for artists.

At a book release event in town on October 06, 2019, the "Nashville Guitar Guru" talked about the book before turning over the stage to a number of his students. In addition to The Perpetual Beginner, Dave has a blog along with a You Tube Channel. He is available for private lessons as well as classes/workshops and can be found in and around Music City performing at local venues.

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