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Musicians Gather and Sing Praises to Him at NRB 2024

by Rich and Laura Lynch

A big part of Christian media is music. There were artists at NRB playing and/or promoting projects. So, as the conference unfolded we made it a point to check out that component of this expansive event. On Tuesday, February 20, 2024, NRB hosted their Opening Session entitled Unity in Mission. The evening included a summary of NRB's 80-year history, remarks via video from Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and shorts from some of the event's top sponsors such as Inspiring insights from James Ward and Jonathan Falwell were paired with music from For King + Country and Journey Worship.

For King + Country were right at home at NRB in Nashville.

We had the pleasure of seeing For King + Country at Christmas time and we enjoyed their quick spirited set at NRB which featured the hits "Joy" and "Together" plus "Unsung Hero" a song dedicated to Moms and was a tie-in to their upcoming movie of the same name. The brothers talked about that documentary of their family's faith and struggles. They mentioned miracles surrounding it while acknowledging that it is hard to make and market a movie. Unsung Hero will hit the big screen on April 26, 2024.

Per their website Journey Worship is a team of worship leaders, songwriters and musicians who serve weekly at The Journey Church in Lebanon, Tennessee. With biblical integrity and steadfast creativity, they aim is to write, record and lead songs that are truthful and clear. Journey Worship performed in the middle and end of the Opening Session to complete a night that was educational, entertaining and unifying.

Benny DiChiara, Journey Worship, Lori Mac and John Schlitt.

While at NRB we met a number of formidable frontmen. We spoke with the personable John Schlitt (interview link) who is currently on the road celebrating Petra's 50th anniversary and talked about some of his own more recent projects. We also met Benny DiChiara (interview link) from the band Empowered. DiChiara was overflowing in praise and posivitiy for the Lord and for simply being alive following a life-threatening accident eight years ago that might have slowed him for a time. But, you can't keep a good rocker down as proven by his band's most recent vital EP that he was handing out at the convention.

Peter and Jennifer Emerson were promoting He Rules The World which is a live performance that articulates the Nativity story. It starts with the prophecies of Isaiah, then flows into the birth of Jesus and the family's flight and return from Egypt. This is an immersive concert experience that blends images, music and narration to reveal the holy trio's tale. Peter shared that the massive production that Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO) is known for helped inspire the concept which will have it's second airing with a multi-show run later in the year in Waco, Texas. So, we expect that He Rules The World 2.0 should be epic especially since it is telling one of the most epic events ever.

As we were taking in all the sights and sounds of the NRB Exposition we encountered Lori Mac. Lori said that her unique calling is to travel across the country in a pickup truck to bring hymns to the elderly. She gives seniors the Hope Player which is an easy-to-use audio device that contains a collection of popular gospel hymns sung by Lori and some of her friends.

Jennifer and Peter Emerson pitch "He Rules The World" at NRB in Nashville.

The recordings also include well-known scriptures such as John 3:16. Miss Mac delivers these players to hospice and senior centers to give comfort and hope. If you are able, please support this ministry of love by going to her website linked below. Also of interest was For God and Country a compilation of patriotic music as performed by the First Baptist Dallas Choir and Orchestra.

One of the prevailing themes at NRB was to support the people of Israel especially after the attacks to that nation on October 07, 2023. Yair Levy was one of many special guests advocating NRB's call for unity among Christians and Jews. Yair is an Israeli folk-singer, songwriter and musical producer based out of Tel Aviv. He performed at NRB's Breakfast to Honor Israel. Per Yair's website - "Yair is a Jewish Levite (descendants of the Tribe of Levi) who served as a Captain in the Israeli Navy Seals for 8 years. His music blends Jewish soul music with his faith and Biblical values in an effort to bring ancient music into today's world."

Pastor Joe Schimmel with his thought-provoking productions in Nashville.

The folks at Good Fight Ministries had a different spin on music. Good Fight also publishes articles on culture written from a Biblical perspective plus various resources to help people understand the times that we are living in from a Christian perspective. They have audio messages, books, DVD's, music, tracks, and more. Good Fight was observing the 20th anniversary of They Sold Their Souls for Rock N Roll which they were offering for free at NRB.

This three-hour documentary digs deep into pop music culture by looking at the actions, lyrics and words spoken and sung by some of the biggest bands in the rock world. Some artists are blatant in their praise of Satan while others talked about the feeling of being "possessed" when writing songs or when on stage describing a "spirit" overtaking them when playing their instrument. In this eye-opening expose Pastor Joe Schimmel reveals just how Satan has been effectively using popular music to undermine God's plan for the family while heralding the coming of the Antichrist's kingdom on earth.

So, as you can see - when it comes to music at NRB 2024 - well, it seems that they had a little bit of everything to offer from the enlightening to the downright frightening.

We ran into Yair Levi on the concourse at the Gaylord Opryland Resort at NRB.

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