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Movie Night at the NRB 2024 in Nashville

by Rich and Laura Lynch

At NRB 2024, we passed a pair of industry observers in the media room who were amazed at the prevalence of big picture films showcasing at this year's event. They made a comment along the lines of how Christian communication is moving beyond the relatively inexpensive and widespread medium of podcasting to these more massive undertakings with big budgets and in many cases - recognizable Hollywood stars. The success of The Chosen has also given much hope to the industry. By the looks of the offerings and screenings available throughout the four-day affair at the Gaylord Opryland they made a good point.

Kevin Sorbo interviewed at NRB 2024.

Actor and producer Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) was promoting his latest films the The Firing Squad scheduled for release on August 09, 2024 and Quest For The Throne of God. The first is based on the incredible true story of Christian prisoners who face death in a third world country and the impossible joy in Christ that brings the entire camp to salvation.

The film stars James Barrington, Sorbo, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Madeline Anderson. Quest for the Throne of God also stars Kevin as he follows the inspirational story of the Ark of the Covenant with scholars Craig Evans and Cyndi Parker. They track the trek of the Ark from Egypt to the Temple Mount.

This tent came from the set of the hard-hitting film No Address.

While on the subjects of arks The Ark and the Darkness will be in theaters March 20-21, 2024. This documentary is an effort to portray a Biblically accurate and visual representation of Noah's flood. It tells the tale of the flood before and after while examining how dinosaurs were involved.

Tim Mahoney and Thinking Man Films are bringing 7 Churches of Revelation: Times of Fire to theaters March 10-11, 2024 and 7 Churches of Revelation: Times of Deception to theaters March 17-18, 2024. Filmmaker Christophe Hanauer travels to Turkey where the seven churches were located to bring Revelation's prophetic letters to life while reminding believers and the church to look at themselves to ask the important question of are you ready for the return of Jesus?

Some movie posters of films that were screened or advanced at NRB 2024.

Forty-Seven Days with Jesus also coming out in March is a faith-based drama about a workaholic father who leaves his family with his parents over Easter break. The Grandfather starts telling them the story of Jesus' last days on earth including his death and resurrection with the movie concluding with how that message changed their lives. This production benefits from the presence of Yoshi Barrigas and Catherine Lidstone - two on-screen favorites from The Chosen series

The band For King and County were at NRB promoting their film which will be released April 26, 2024. Unsung Hero is about their family coming to America and all the struggles they faced; however, it is also a story of miracles. Joel Smallbone will be playing the role of his father in the movie.

Documentary films included Tim Mahoney's (pictured) 7 Churches of Revelation.

The Hopeful is a heartfelt historical drama that will be circulated in over 900 theaters nationwide this April in partnership with Fathom Events. The film is based on the true story of a 19th century New England community whose lives are changed as they learn what it truly means to wait on Jesus.

Desmond Denton a film producer with a focus on bringing stories to life between Africa and America was at NRB 2024 promoting The Journey Home and STILL a documentary that shares the story of couples facing the pandemic while planning their weddings.

Toby and Lynnda Supernault of Lighthouse Arab World.

On a heavy note, No Address is a poignant drama starring William Baldwin, Ashanti, and Xander Berkeley, digging deep into the challenging lives of those facing homelessness. Even darker was the immersive Bear Witness that was presented during NRB. This VR video showed the heartbreaking aftermath of the October 7th Hamas Massacre in the Holy Land.

Last but certainly least - we had the pleasure of meeting up with Toby and Lynnda Supernault who were at the NRB representing Lighthouse Arab World - an organization that is currently working on translating The Chosen into Arabic for widespread distribution throughout the Muslim world.

The Firing Squad had several well-attended screenings at NRB 2024.

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