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Boldly Assessing the State of the Union at Bold Patriot Brewing Company

by Rich and Laura Lynch

There may have been no better spot for SuperTalk 99.7 WTN to hold their 2022 State of the Union Party as the conservative leaning station kept tabs on rival party leader Joe Biden from the stage at the Bold Patriot Brewing Company just off of Charlotte Pike in midtown Nashville on March 1, 2022.

SuperTalk 99.7 WTN live simulcast from Bold Patriot Brewing Company. (Photo by Javelyn)

Pubs, tap houses and watering holes have a long and storied tradition of playing an important role in the political discourse of our own great nation dating back to Revolutionary times. As anger spread through the colonies citizens turned out to their local taverns to assess their situation and formulate a plan against the mighty hand of tyranny.

In fact, Bold Patriot Brewing Company loves this part of the past so much that they have formed a separate entity to teach history called Bold Patriot Institute where they share interesting facts and information about the American Revolutionary era from 1730 - 1789. Their bar in Nashville is modeled after the pubs and taverns of 18th Century America. Still, with nine flat screens and twenty taps with a wide variety of beers including Stouts, Porters, IPAs, Pale Ales, Steam Beers, Blonde Ale, Strawberry Hef and new selections they are clearly built for the modern age as our citizen reporter on the scene Javelyn soon found out on Tuesday night.

Concerned citizens packed the place just like in Revolutionary times! (Photo by Javelyn)

With the world falling apart all around us as the pain of the Covid pandemic still lingers and the threat of nuclear annihilation looms - dignitaries from the Cumulus Media owned station gathered the troops and residents from Mid-Tenn to hold what they called a "reality check" as to what President Joe Biden would say during his first State of the Union Address to the nation.

"There's two things that I'm concerned about," said station host Brian Wilson. "How does he perform tonight from a presentation standpoint. Is he able to get through it? Is he able to hit his marks? Is he able to deliver his speech without a major faux pas or without looking incredibly frail? I think that's a fair question given what we've all seen from this President of late. That's number one."

Javelyn with Dan Mandis, Brian Wilson, Matt Murphy and Michael DelGiorno. (Photo by Javelyn)

"Number two is how in the world can you say anything that changes people's minds? Because, I believe for the most part the cake is baked regarding Joe Biden," Wilson continued. "You got 70 percent of the American people who don't believe we're headed in the right direction. How do you change that? It's a tall order."

It certainly is a tall order and the number of things to be concerned about as America is seemingly in some type of horrific and historic decline continues to grow exponentially by the day. As for me (MCN founder Rockin' Rich Lynch), I try to stay unaligned from either party and let my songs like "Patriot Radio" and "Patriot's Day" do the talking. I'm really a one issue guy and that is - 'Can I at least get a receipt when I vote???' - as heard in my track "Wake Up". Yet, even that simple request seems too much to ask for these days!!! Hey bartender, can I get a beer?

State of the Union Party at Bold Patriot.

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