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Killer Queen Is Set to Reign Down on Nashville

by Rich and Laura Lynch

They have assumed the helm as one of the world's leading Queen tribute bands. Now, Killer Queen will bring their royal recreation to Nashville with an engagement at Marathon Music Works on Friday, March 11, 2022.

(Photo courtesy of Killer Queen and Chipster PR)

While a showcase in Music City is always prestigious Killer Queen is no stranger to the spotlight having played and sold-out many of the large arenas the original Queen once performed at. We had a few moments to catch up with their lead singer Patrick Myers who faithfully assumes the role of the legendary Freddie Mercury in advance of their triumphant touchdown in Tennessee.

MCN: Do you have a pre-show routine that helps you get in the right frame of mind to portray - and pay homage to - Freddie Mercury?

PM: Freddie was the ultimate performer. He gave everything he had. Touring with Killer Queen means looking after yourself and gearing everything to that moment when you step onstage. So I warm up and gently exercise my voice gradually from when I get up in the morning through to showtime. I need an hour for final warm ups and exercises and I pop gradually into makeup and costume as I go. It's a very physical show so you need to make sure you limber your whole body up. Once that hour is up I'm ready to roll! It's great fun being onstage. You do all that prep in advance offstage so you have agility and freedom to relax and have a ball onstage. It's like hosting a party with the best playlist.

MCN: I know the band Killer Queen has achieved a good level of recognition and respect. Have you noticed an increased interest in your shows since the Queen bio-pic Bohemian Rhapsody hit the big screen?

PM: Yes without a doubt. Queen's popularity has always managed to span the generations. The music seems to exist in everyone's collective consciousness. Tracks like "We Will Rock You" feel like they are part song, part legend. Like they've always existed. When the film came out it took that to another level. It's like the band themselves became every bit a part of that legend. Their personal story added a layer of folklore to the legendary music and that really spoke to a whole new generation. It was lovely to be able to see first hand that huge wave of affection that followed on from that film.

MCN: Is there a favorite part or song that you have in your own concert?

PM: I love singing "Save Me" with the band. It's a beautiful, powerful song and the whole band enjoy playing it. But there is some extra resonance for me. Some songs take you right back to being a kid. That time when you'd dream about how much fun it must be playing in a band . That song lets me speak to back to the early teenage version of me and say yes, it is actually truly fantastic playing songs in a band. It's every bit as magic as I'd hoped it would be. It's a sad song but inside I feel over the moon singing it.

MCN: Of the fans that have seen Queen with Freddie out front and have come up to you after your performance - what has their reactions been like?

PM: Its been wonderful hearing the reactions and we've had some really powerful reactions. When people say extraordinary things like ' it's been the best night of their lives' it's a bit overwhelming but also wonderful. You know they are really talking about how much Queen means to them. Queen's music holds so much emotional resonance. We give people an opportunity to express and unlock those big feelings. We give our all onstage but ultimately we are a platform for the extraordinary songs Queen produced. We want to give people permission to forget everything and just engage in that music, all the emotions and all the fun.

MCN: Considering the impact that the band has had on sports arenas, social issues and their dominant showing at Live Aid - do you have an idea as to what the ongoing lasting legacy of Queen and Freddie Mercury will be over time?

PM: Queen's music is the beating heart of their legacy. Freddie as singer, performer and frontman is the stuff of pure legend. But the detail behind the headlines is also extraordinary. I think they picked up where The Beatles left off in terms of inspirational writing and using the studio creatively. Their vocal blend, songwriting and studio invention is pure magic. They also trailblazed the visual possibilities of bands. They woke the whole world up to the importance of the promo video. The industry changed overnight after "Bohemian Rhapsody". They also completely led the way with the birth of high production arena/stadium rock. Something The Beatles were never able to do.

An incredibly important band in so many ways.

And the reviews that Killer Queen has received have been simply outstanding:

"Concerts as near to the real thing as you're likely to get. A real life Bohemian Rhapsody. Freddie lives! A pop legend is back" -The People

"Killer Queen is a living jukebox, an absolutely fantastic show. This an evening where you feel the hair stand on the back of your neck. I've never seen the arena explode with such an electric charge. The sound is perfect...A concert to remember." -The VLT, Sundsvall Sweden.

"This guy is not to be missed." -Editor,

"No detail is overlooked. Killer Queen are kings of the musical impersonators, the highest of tributes." -Duncan Kennedy, BBC 1

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