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Get Ready to Soar to New Heights in Franklin

by Rich and Laura Lynch

It's a well-known fact that countless individuals move to the Mid-Tenn region in the hopes of soaring to great heights in the music industry. In Franklin, only 20 minutes south of Nashville stands a structure called the SOAR Adventure Tower that dares all comers to take on its daunting and challenging set-up. We visited on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 to take a look around.

The SOAR Adventure Tower in Franklin, Tennessee.

Park manager Ben Barth greeted us on site and told us that the attraction was dreamed up by his Aunt and Uncle and opened to the public six years ago. In that time, SOAR has been featured on local television and visited by many musical celebrities drawn to the safe and interactive atmosphere that features 4 levels and over 110 climbing elements that challenges kids and adults both mentally and physically.

Ben remarked that the SOAR Adventure Tower is a favorite among corporations and organizations who are looking to undertake some team building to create an esprit de corps in an increasingly disconnected world.

These hearty visitors were up to the many challenges presented by the tower.

We observed several couples taking on the tower during our visit at a slow, methodical and determined pace that elicited exuberant smiles once each leg of the course was conquered. The glowing online reviews for SOAR point to the fact that this unique attraction is well-loved among its fan base - many who call it exciting, safe, fantastic and fun!

For those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground SOAR Adventure Tower also offers an 18 hole miniature golf course that plays more difficult than it looks. The musically themed layout is one of the best in all of Music City and now comes complete with the all-important 19th hole. After your climb or during your round of golf, you can enjoy a frosty cold beer or cider from their new bar. So, let the adventures begin.

This hole looked like a guitar and was one of several that had a musical theme.

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