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Music City Nashville Product Spotlight - KMRelief

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Although, KMRelief is based out of Boulder, Colorado we first found out about their products at the James Burton & Friends concert that took place in Nashville, Tennessee in the fall of 2019. Their representatives shared with us that Burton uses their CBD Pain Salve to help elevate some of his aches and pains that come from playing guitar. Upon further discussion we discovered that KMRelief offers an array of CBD items.

Product Spotlight - KMRelief

CBD is an organic chemical compound that cannabis plants naturally create. CBD is commonly used for anti-anxiety, pain relief and a variety of other wellness applications. KMRelief uses USA-grown hemp and contains no GMOs or gluten plus most of their products are vegan. They aim to provide a high quality line of CBDs to heal and help people and even their pets thrive.

KMRelief's CBD Infused CO Honey Proactive (lip) Balm is soothing as is their Pain Salve which we have used after a long day of typing at the computer. An application of the Salve takes the edge off the strain on the wrists. They also have CBD Tincture Formulas for humans and or their furry friends but remember that THC is not safe for critters. We also tried their bath soap. It did not lather much, so we thought it worked better as a bar soap with its pleasant blend of cacao butter, sweet almond oil and scent that did not dry out our hands.

Product Spotlight - KMRelief

KMRelief's calming food items included Carmel Chews, Fruity Gummies, Maple Candies and Numb Nuts. They also offer cooking oils in a variety of flavors that come in 10oz glass mason bottles. All are made with USA-manufactured high-end hemp.

CBDs are growing in popularity due to their wide range of uses. CBD is known for easing chronic pain, glaucoma, insomnia, muscle spasms, stress and more. There is also strong scientific evidence that CBD can be effective in treating some forms of epilepsy. For most, CBDs are a natural supplement to promote overall good health and KMRelief offers a variety of CBD products to meet those needs.

Product Spotlight - KMRelief

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