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Returning to Skully's Saloon Just in the Nick of Time

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Musician Nick Johnson returned to Skully's Saloon - the Old Hickory biker bar just beyond Andrew Jackson's Hermitage on September 05, 2019 for a final gig as the venue has announced that it will be closing its doors later in the month. Skully's opened in 2010 and had become synonymous with supporting the local songwriter community. To that end, we were there on Thursday to see our friend and rising singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nick Johnson do his thing at this club for the last time.

Returning to Skully's Saloon Just in the Nick of Time
Everything clicked for a fantastic solo debut "Click Bait" by Nick Johnson.

Johnson presented a diverse round featuring the moody "Hang Em High" a track with a western vibe and movie score potential. Other highlights included the insightful "Nashville Skyline is Burning" and the relatable "Damn You Girls".

Johnson is a skilled showman who cut his teeth in the acclaimed Foreigner cover band "Hot Blooded". He was also a regular on Broadway (in Nashville) as Corey Farley's right hand man adding potent guitar leads and backing vox to their crowd pleasing performances. Both of these roles prepared Nick with the perspective to launch his solo career in the "It City".

The Brooklyn born, Berklee trained musician is no stranger to making a big splash. Recently scoring two of his own songs on the big screen via major Hollywood films ("She's So Lonely"/Bill Murray Experience, "Playmate"/Party Bus To Hell). Now, the in-demand guitarist is writing a new script for himself with the release of Click Bait a flavorful nine track sampler of the artist's far reaching influences. Want rock? Check. R&B and Funk? Check. A nod to the earlier purveyors of rock? Check. An insightful, inspiring and uplifting singer-songwriter perspective? Check. It's all there and more.

Although Skully's Saloon is shutting down there are still plenty of places in Nashville that host songwriting rounds for Nick. Plus, if he chooses there are lots of groups that would be thrilled to have an artist of his caliber in their line-up.

Returning to Skully's Saloon Just in the Nick of Time
Skully's Saloon had a memorable decade long run in Old Hickory.

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