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Buckskin Stallions Make Their Live Debut in Nashville

by Rich and Laura Lynch

There's a brand new band in town. The Buckskin Stallions made their Nashville, Tennessee live debut on Halloween night - October 31, 2018 - with a two-hour interactive set at The Loading Zone that was entertaining, energetic and generally well-received by the rowdy revelers gathered 10 miles south of the city center.

The Bucksin Stallions trotted in to view with a set of rugged rock.

The trio is made up of one-half of former Geffen Records refugees Crossfire Choir who are now channeling their 80's new wave sound through a more standard rock filter with a heavy dose of Nashville influence thrown in for good measure. Dressed as a sheriff Jay Pounders took several authoritative treks from the stage out into the audience to fire off some quick, concise licks on his black electric. Brad Peet kept a steady beat on drums in lockstep with his rhythm section partner Chad on bass.

By performing Pounders originals and a mix of out of the ordinary covers that included Zeppelin, Chris Stapleton and Townes Van Zandt the Buckskin Stallions launched a satisfactory proof of concept that also featured plenty of audience participation and a nice reason to party on a Wednesday night. We recommend you see them when you can - there's a good chance they'll hold you captive as they lay down the rock and roll law with reckless and lawless abandon.

Jay Pounders is back with a new posse!

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