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Marta Makes a Memorable Entrance in Nashville

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Country music is such a major force in the music business that the once uniquely American genre's impact is literally felt in many other countries around the world. Now, it's Poland's turn to put an up and coming artist on the map in the form of Marta Olejarz who has already made a major splash in the industry with her unique sound and engaging video content.

Marta and her band impressed at 12th and Porter.

Hailing from Gdansk and born eleven years after the fall of communism this young woman with a magical musical touch has benefited from her nation's experiment in democracy and embrace of capitalistic ideals and she's got the numbers to prove she is on the way to becoming an international superstar.

Consider that her debut single "All About Us" has received over 1.4 million views on YouTube and was featured in the critically acclaimed mobile games Dancing Line and Piano Tiles 2, gaining more than 50 million downloads by users on Apple's App Store and Google Play.

"All About Us" hit #1 on the Google Store country charts in Germany and #4 in Norway. Starting her songwriting career at the early age of 7, Olejarz recorded and co-wrote her first album in 2017 at Nashville's Blackbird Studios with the guidance of producer Bryan Clark who has previously worked with Kelsea Ballerini.

"I decided to call the album The Story because as a songwriter I live to tell stories. I dream with my eyes open and turn real life experiences and words I can't say into lyrics," Marta said prior to the record's release. "This album tells a part of my story, it's who I was, who I am and who I aspire to be. I hope it inspires you to take a pen, open up a page and start writing your story."

This attractive 18-year-old was bright and engaging in a pre-show interview with MCN's Rockin' Rich Lynch with just a hint of that famed Eastern European mystery hidden behind her flowing attire.

We asked Marta what country music means to her.

"I actually grew up on country music, on all the greats - Johnny, Dolly," Marta revealed. "So I grew up listening to all of those songs and I've been raised that way. Country music means honest lyrics about love, God, all the things that all the greats spoke for."

We discovered that Marta is actually a musical pioneer in her native land when we asked her about the market for country music in Poland.

"There isn't a big market," Marta said with a shy smile. "I'm one of the few people that do country music in Poland but it just always felt right."

Marta proved that big dreams can come true in Music City.

"I've been trying to bring over some more country music to Poland. I just want to show people what country music stands for - how you can have pop production, similar to the Top 40 that's happening nowadays," Marta added, continuing, "But, have lyrics that talk about important things. They talk about love about relationships, breakups, that actually touch your heart and make you feel something."

We also asked her how she found her way to Nashville.

"Funny story, I was seven years old and the only thing I ever wanted to do was learn how to play guitar and sing in English. So my parents found me a teacher who was a pastor so I sang in a church," Marta replied revealing the source of her current career path. "I always followed country artists and everyone always talked about coming to Nashville. I was always, always asking my parents to go to Nashville and five or six years ago we finally did."

That original excursion to Music City has now culminated with Marta making her debut as a force to be reckoned with when her and her capable band (the same one she recorded her debut with) took the stage at 12th and Porter on March 20, 2018 for a celebration and CD release party.

Impressively, the talented teen wrote or co-wrote all the tracks featured on The Story. For the short set and showcase in Nashville she chose to play in order "My Kind Of Radio", "All About Us", "I Need a Love Story", "More Than A Memory" and "All The Things I Don't Need".

We were left with a memory and more as Marta stuck around after the performance to sign items and talk with her fans and media in the house. On this busy night in Nashville she made a captivating case for the power and promise of country music with her compelling story. We can't help but wonder what the next chapter will hold for her.

Marta opened a new chapter with The Story in Nashville.

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