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Music City Is a Player's Town

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Music City is a player's town but normally the type you think of first is the masterful musician adept at the six-string guitar. Or, in recent years another pack of players have become synonymous with the happenings on Broadway. That would be the school of sharks who prey on the ever-present bachelorette parties and the liquored up ladies who may be ripe for the picking.

Music City Is a Player's Town
Patrick Mahomes at the 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville.

But, for one weekend in April, Nashville became a Mecca to meet the gods of the Gridiron as dozens of heroes of American Football descended upon Tennessee's capitol to help the 32-teams of the National Football League pick the next generation of football players who hope to elevate and evolve into true icons of the game during the over-the-top and much talked about 2019 NFL Draft.

Music City Is a Player's Town
Tiki Barber at the 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville.

Players were available for meet and greets and signings sessions and many had duties introducing this year's picks from the giant picturesque NFL Draft Stage the league erected on the banks of the Cumberland River. Our top sightings were current superstar Patrick Mahomes - quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs; charismatic former New York Giant Tiki Barber who transitioned seamlessly from football champ to television personality; and Dallas Cowboy legend Ed "Too Tall" Jones whose presence was still felt as he presented the third round selection for America's Team.

Music City Is a Player's Town
Ed "Too Tall" Jones at the 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville.

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