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Nashville Welcomes Number One Pick at the NFL Draft

by Rich and Laura Lynch

In Nashville, Tennessee every musician and country star who comes to this town dreams of the day their song will reach the top of the charts - perhaps even reaching the vaunted Number One position in the industry trades. But, on April 25, the city known as the Little Big Town gave new meaning to the term as a little big man himself - Kyler Murray - was selected the #1 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft in front of a raucous crowd of 100,000 who lined Broadway in celebration of the nation's greatest game.

Nashville Welcomes Number One Pick at the NFL Draft
Kyler Murray meets the media following his selection as top pick in 2019 NFL Draft.

Now, we certainly don't mean to denigrate the size of the athlete from Oklahoma University who was selected first overall by the Arizona Cardinals. But, he did make history because the mobile gunslinger who stands at 5-foot-10 became the first quarterback in NFL history under 6 feet ever to be drafted in the first round.

The well-spoken and smiling young man who appeared before the media in a flashy pink suit that paid homage to his favorite movie - The Great Gatsby - wasn't done setting records. By being great at two sports he also became the first player ever to be drafted in the first round by both the major baseball and football circuits. His accomplishments on the gridirion look to certainly be just getting started as he thanked his parents for guiding him to the top of his sport by overseeing his effort to "work so hard to get to this moment and there's more work to do."

But, he's still not done.

"I want to be the best ever to play this game," he said.

Nashville Welcomes Number One Pick at the NFL Draft
Robin Roberts and Taylor Swift - no stranger to number ones - get things started in Nashville.

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