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Phil Shouse Is in the House at the Ascend Amphitheatre

by Rich and Laura Lynch

He is a friend and one-time neighbor in Music City. His name is Phil Shouse and the in-demand, multi-talented heavy metal musician was on stage during a home stop with the Ace Frehley Band at the Ascend Amphitheater on Sunday, October 03, 2021.

Phil Shouse on stage with the Ace Frehley Band in Music City.

Shouse is a musician hailing from Alabama who has taken a different route to make his Nashville dreams come true. While there are times you might catch him perform solo doing acoustic tribute shows, until recently you were more likely to see him play in town with the respected rock outfit known as Thee Rock N' Roll Residency who often invited their hard rock heroes to join them on stage in Music City. This approach paid off.

Soon, they caught the eye of Gene Simmons who was forming a traveling band during his KISS downtime. As the "End of The Road" tour approached and interpersonal relations between KISS and former band members began to thaw, Gene recommended his backing band to his old guitar player ACE and the Spaceman re-launched with a hungry group of guys in support.

So, Shouse went from a working musician in Nashville to emerge as a rising and revered rock god on the global scene. Don't accept that premise? Consider this. Phil recently said yes to an offer from heavy metal legends ACCEPT to officially join the band as their third guitarist following a stint as a touring member. This decision will find him take to many European stages to start 2022 off right as the metalers storm out of the gates on their much anticipated "Too Mean To Die" tour.

Phil Shouse was in the house in Nashville.

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