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Troy Kemp Serves Up a Tasty Set at Taco Bell in Nashville

by Rich and Laura Lynch

A few months ago we attended a "future of music" summit at the grand opening of the Gibson Garage in Nashville, TN. The event was hosted by guitar great Joe Bonamassa who has remained hopeful that the music industry is moving forward especially as it pertained to his adopted hometown. He advised players to visit or relocate to Music City as there is always a stage to perform on concluding by saying, "there's even a gig at the Taco Bell".

Troy Kemp - a legitimate Australian star performs at the Taco Bell on 2nd Ave.

It has been a while since we have been to a Taco Bell, so we decided to check out the recently opened 2nd Avenue Taco Bell Cantina just off of Broadway. As we strolled in through the doors live music was most definitely happening on a mid-Saturday afternoon. It was hot that day, so a Pepsi Freeze perfectly complimented our meal. On stage was the talented Troy Kemp who had a large poster nearby so new fans would know who he was and could learn more about him. By going to his website we found out the following:

Troy Kemp is a musician who has multiple Australian Country Chart and CMC #1 Singles, a Golden Guitar, 3 CMC Awards and more. Troy was one half of the duo known as McAlister Kemp. They achieved accolades both locally and worldwide, headlining at a number of major music festivals. The two went their separate ways in 2015, so Troy is focusing on a solo career in his homeland and abroad. Kemp is currently residing in Nashville and promoting his latest singles - the upbeat and optimistic "Takin' Me Back" and "My Favourite Thing" a contemporary country track that is already receiving rave reviews and seeing impressive numbers on download and streaming platforms.

Fast, familiar food with a fun vibe is what folks will find at the 2nd Avenue Taco Bell Cantina in Nashville. Plus, a star might be gracing their stage. The word seems to be out - as we were leaving there was a long line out the door of similarly clad young women - perhaps one of the many party vehicles that patrol the streets had just let off a group of hungry people - a win/win for the artists and Taco Bell.

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