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In Music City There's Even a Gig at the Taco Bell

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Back in May we had the pleasure of watching Joe Bonamassa host a "future of music" summit at the grand opening of the Gibson Garage. At that very cool "seminar event of the year" Joe was pretty high on the industry's prospects especially as they pertained to his recently adopted hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. He advised that players should visit or move here as there is always a stage to perform on concluding by saying, "there's even a gig at the Taco Bell".

Kaleb Sanders serenaded the fast food aficionados in Nashville.

True to his word we discovered a stage at the newly opened 2nd Avenue Taco Bell Cantina just off of Broadway. As we strolled in through the doors live music was most definitely happening on the late Sunday, August 22, 2021 afternoon that we paid our visit. We took a seat for a few moments to watch Floridian and now Nashvillian Kaleb Sanders play a convincing and confident set of tunes with the help of some of his friends in tow.

Will Joe Bonamassa ever play a gig at the Taco Bell on 2nd Ave.?

Having just eaten at 5th and Broadway we weren't hungry enough to start digging into the Dorito Tacos, Chalupas or any number of the company's other famous takes on Mexican fare listed on their bright and inviting marquee. But, they have a bar and a slushy machine so we will be back soon to explore the menu a little bit further while enjoying their musical offerings as well.

Tasty music and food makes this cantina a hot spot in Music City.

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