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John Rich Reopens Redneck Riviera in Nashville

by Rich and Laura Lynch

There may be no better embodiment of what it means to be an American than the complex persona developed by Nashville's very own John Rich. Entertainer, entrepreneur, conservative television personality, philanthropist and an all around liberty loving Southern man. And, like the nation he lives in and loves, Rich has been hit hard by the crisis known as Covid-19. Still, that didn't stop him from being first out the gate to reopen his restaurant on May 11, 2020 when Nashville lifted its lockdown and Music City entered into Phase 1 status.

John Rich Reopens Redneck Riviera in Nashville
John Rich greets the media on May 11, 2020 at the Redneck Riviera.

"It's a beautiful day in Tennessee, and I'm proud to say the Redneck Riviera is now open for business," as the likable business magnate opened the doors and let the fresh Broadway air come through his front windows for the first time in almost two months although with several noticeable changes that incorporate a strict adherence to recommended guidelines distributed by the region's health officials.

"Remember it," Rich advised about this potentially historic date. The highly acclaimed Country music artist was seemingly relieved to be back at work with the employees that he continued to pay through the duration of the down time. John surmised that this moment represented only a small pinpoint of light in what has been a disturbing and dark time for Nashville, the nation and the world.

John Rich Reopens Redneck Riviera in Nashville
Redneck Riviera is both a Broadway bar and lifestyle brand.

Redneck Riviera is more than a popular nightspot on Nashville's main drag - it's also a lifestyle brand. At Music City Nashville our year got off to an amazing start when we were invited to John Rich's mansion to celebrate additions to his food and beverage empire that included several flavors of tasty and tender jerky products. It's true the bar was set so high for the aptly named year that is 2020 until - in hindsight - we were all laid so low by the wicked and virulent virus.

Hopefully, that's all behind us now and we can get back to raising a glass on Broadway. We know that we'll return to sample some of the fine food that the staff at Redneck Riviera were serving up for the media on Tuesday morning that included a generous sausage sandwich and a pleasing looking platter of pizza. Of course, we'll be washing all that down with John Rich's Howdy Dew and a shot of Granny Rich Reserve. He's hoping you will, too!

John Rich Reopens Redneck Riviera in Nashville
Some of the tasty fare offered by Redneck Riviera was on display.

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