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In Music City - Apartments Are Booming Along With the Local Animal Population: Is This Nashville's "Reese's" Moment?

by Rich and Laura Lynch

When I was a younger man the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups commercials fascinated me when two relatively unrelated topics came together in cooperation and power to create something completely satisfying. The accidental merging of peanut butter and chocolate proved the concept of synergy - by making a "win-win" situation and something truly greater than the sum of its parts - in the form of a now famous and legendary confection. Later in life we would hear many politicians utter the concept of how "it takes a village". So, what does all this have to do with the exploding feral animal populations and the burgeoning apartment complexes in Music City and the surrounding region?

Music City Animal Rescue were recently featured on WKRN News 2 in Nashville.

Well, the one take-away from our recent interactions with local animal rescues is that foster families and foster homes are always in demand by the city's many rescue programs and adoption organizations. It really does take a "foster village" to help alleviate the problem of too many animals being abandoned and living in the wild. It takes a group effort to lessen the strain and stress on all of the commendable advocating agencies. In Nashville, it is not only "kitten season" at the moment - it is also apartment season as construction in residential communities continues to be underway here as far as the eye can see. So, why not bring these two facts together to create a wonderful union of needy animals and available apartments?

Twice in the past week I watched as friends of ours from two local animal rescues went on television in Nashville to plea for foster parents and foster homes to come forward to help with the annual influx of new arrivals in the form of new kittens and puppies among other breeds that are cared for by these invaluable organizations.

"Well, right now the most important thing we need is foster homes," said Vickie Harris - Director of Music City Animal Rescue on a May 15, 2024 appearance on "The Talk Of The Town" on WKRN News 2 describing how many unfortunate animals in the region are being immediately euthanized following the required 72 hour period for owners to materialize. "We're in a position to help. But, I cannot help if I don't have foster homes."

Harris continued, "So, I'm looking for people that say, 'You know, It's not a lifetime commitment, but it's a commitment to save a life'. And, if you could step up and you know, share your heart, your home for a couple of weeks by taking a baby. It would make all the difference in the world."

"It's kitten season," confirmed and reiterated Cynde Williams while representing The Catio on a May 20, 2024 taping of 'Newsmaker: The Catio Cat Lounge' also featured on the animal-friendly WKRN News 2 before continuing. "I do have a big need for short-term fosters to take in some of the cats. You know, cats do get sick just like people. We need short-term fosters to just take care of them during their illness. That's one of our biggest needs right now."

It got me to thinking. Is there a solution to this problem that already exists? Can apartment managers and residential leasing companies be compelled to become more foster friendly? The way I see it is that we have a chance to come together and do something great here in Music City to support the causes of both animal rescue and positive mental well-being. Let's create something sweet and tasty - like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup - right now by advancing more apartment-centric advocacy to help all the local animals that need us to look after them.

The Catio were recently featured on WKRN News 2 in Nashville.

HOW CAN THIS BE ACCOMPLISHED? Apartment managers and leasing companies - you can create programs to offer up a small fraction of your inventory and allow select residents to foster animals (cats or dogs) within their units. You can waive all fees associated with housing pets in order for your residents to care for the foster animal community in an as stress-free manner as possible. This - coupled with the fact that fostering agencies typically provide all assistance in terms of food, shelter, supplies and medical care - makes for a "win/win" for everyone involved. How so you ask?

WIN/WIN: This plan and program represents a multi-level "win/win" for all parties concerned. Apartment complexes benefit by receiving a golden P.R. line item while creating a caring ethos and community pride. Individual residents are rewarded by providing life affirming care for animals in need, thus, helping their own sense of worth and well-being along the way. Of course, the local populations of cats and dogs are the real winners receiving a chance to have a better life by finding temporary assistance and, ultimately, their forever home.

CONTACT: If you have feedback to this proposal - or, if you know someone who can help provide information or contacts to help us get further on our way - please reach out to the MCN Animal Advocates at

Music City Animal Rescue were recently featured on WKRN News 2 in Nashville.

The Catio City Animal Rescue were recently featured on WKRN News 2 in Nashville.


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In Music City - Apartments Are Booming Along With the Local Animal Population: Is This Nashville's "Reese's" Moment?

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