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Cimarron 615 Keeps Simmering Right Along at The 5 Spot in East Nashville

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Nashville's most anticipated new group Cimarron 615 took another step forward as they previewed a simmering set of fresh songs from their upcoming debut album for a substantial group of onlookers at one of their favorite pubs in Music City. The quality quintet has been quietly woodshedding on their home turf with several performances at Brown's Diner and this second showcase held at The 5 Spot in East Nashville on January 18, 2023. But, soon the boys in the band and the attendant buzz attached to them should start boiling over as they take their act out on the road in the coming weeks and months.

Cimarron 615 are ready to break-out onto a wider national scene from Nashville.

Cimarron 615 is Jack Sundrud, Michael Webb, Rick Lonow, Tom Hampton and Bill Lloyd. In many ways they represent POCO 2.0 as all the players in the band were hand-picked by the recently passed Rusty Young to take part in a variety of his groups over the years. They came together during a tribute project sponsored by Young's solo label Blue Elan Record taking their name from a combination of one of Rusty's master works and the area code for Nashville.

Cimarron 615 is Tom Hampton, Rick Lonow, Jack Sundrud, Michael Webb and Bill Lloyd.

On this night ten of the eleven tracks played came directly from the debut album now slated for an April 2023 release. The notable exception was the Rick Lonow penned "Call It Love" that was the last significant POCO hit reworked and rebranded with a new C615 spin on things. Still, the closing number played after Michael Webb thanked the fans for their continued support and the opportunity to get these new tunes under their belt should really get the Nuts around the world excited. "City of Angels" was the final track recorded for the album and it seems to be this incarnation's GFTK as it tells the story of the band with an upbeat pulse and similar chord arrangement to the POCO classic. But, before they make it back to Los Angeles the first stop on their comeback run will find the guys participating in this year's SXSW in Austin. That should be heavenly.

Michael Webb joins his friend Tom Mason at The 5 Spot.

Opening for Cimarron 615 was Tom Mason - the self-described leader, founder and frontman for the "best pirate band in East Nashville"! Joking aside, when he and his mates are all suited up and in character there is really none better in all the land. For this gig, Mason led a trio through a convincing set of mostly electric rockers that showcased his exceptional guitar chops. Tom also generously handed out freshly minted copies of his new CD Slide Guitar Meditations that gave us all something to think about.

Tom Mason walks the plank in Nashville.

ABOUT THE 5 SPOT: Located in the heart of East Nashville, The 5 Spot is an independent music venue hosting performance artists seven nights a week. Since 2003, They have served as an artistic center within the greater Nashville musical community hosting 150 bands a month. An expanded menu and full kitchen has recently been added to their repertoire so come on out to a show at everyone's favorite spot in the East.

Tom Mason and band rocked the East Nashville with a bounty of songs.

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