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Nashville Rocker Danielle Bloom is Reddy to Roar on Her Classic Remake of a 1970's Empowerment Anthem

by Rich and Laura Lynch

She is known as Nashville's Queen of Rock-n-Roll. But it wasn't always that way for Danielle Bloom. She started out as a shy Midwestern girl who grew up as a preacher's kid. Eventually, she emerged from her shell to flourish with an abundance of passion, ambition, and a dream to sing and inspire people all over the world. This led her to Music City where she is now making her boldest statement yet with a hard rockin' cover of a classic song from the 1970's. We were thrilled to get a few minutes of her time recently to talk all about it.

MCN: Hi Danielle. We just had the pleasure of listening to your great version of Helen Reddy's "I Am Woman". How did you find your way to the track?

DB: I actually sort of stumbled upon it. I had been working on writing a women empowerment song when I came across Helen Reddy's Netflix movie titled I Am Woman. The title and short bio of the movie intrigued me. I clicked play on the movie and a few minutes in I heard her song "I Am Woman". I immediately thought to myself "I couldn't write one better than this" - so, I knew right then and there I HAD to record it in my own rock and roll edgy style.

MCN: It is amazing to consider that a half century after that momentous song was followed by an even more empowering Supreme Court decision that we can look back with the benefit of hindsight and wonder if anything much has even changed in the women's right movement.

DB: From the beginning it has been tough for women. I'm a firm believer in shaking up the status quo, molding your own path and questioning societal norms. Society has fought to keep their thumb on women. Because of this, many women have felt it's best to be quiet, agreeable and reject the desire to accomplish goals. We were not put on this earth to be caged. As Oscar Wilde said: To avoid criticism - Be Nothing, Say Nothing, Do nothing. I am woman! Hear me roar!

MCN: Still, you are doing your part and we commend you for it. You chose to shoot the video for "I Am Woman" with the help of Nashville's "Women in Film and Music" with an all female staff bringing the promotional video to life. Why was it important to you to go this route?

DB: I wanted an all female staff to show what women can do from the other side. From production, to filming, to editing. Nashville Women in Film did an outstanding job. Producer Donna Caldwell brought my vision to life with her experience, knowledge and creativity.

MCN: What can fans expect from the final product when it gets released?

DB: You can expect an edgy rock and roll performance shining the light on strong women!

MCN: How did growing up a pastor's daughter, singing in churches and playing religious themed festivals prepare you for a life of making and performing rock music?

DB: My church background in gospel music prepared me through gaining experience in many facets starting at age seven. Beginning with the choir, solos, youth conventions, recording a record at 16 years old, traveling and singing at events. Through all of this I became who I was meant to be.

MCN: Did your family approve of your choices in light of your upbringing?

DB: My family is totally on board with where my musical path has led me.

You can hear Danielle Bloom ROAR on her cover of "I Am Woman" at the Spotify player below. We, too, most certainly approve!

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Nashville Rocker Danielle Bloom is Reddy to Roar on Her Classic Remake of a 1970's Empowerment Anthem

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