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A Night of Enchantment at the Nashville Zoo

by Rich and Laura Lynch

We recently spent an enchanting night at the Nashville Zoo as we explored Night Visions. This event will be at the Nashville (TN) Zoo through mid-July of 2022. Night Visions is an immersive experience that combines art and nature in what has been described as a wild display of lights and sound. As the sun sets, visitors can stroll around the Zoo through a stunning arrangement of projections that dance in trees, illuminates scenery and shimmers on water.

Night Visions at the Nashville Zoo - Jungle Beats.

Night Visions created by Philadelphia-based-company Klip Collective uses technology to tell stories in scenes that are synced to music. At the Splash Disco we saw the tale of predator and prey told in an array of colors and liquids. Mystical Constellations dazzled using lights on rocks and water as did the crafty Psychedelic Canyon.

Five scenes that run about 4 to 5 minutes can be viewed multiple times to see if you notice more images upon each loop. Night Visions is living art as it moves to music and like most art is subject to interpretation through the eyes and ears of the patron thus this experience is unique for all. Along with the main displays are sections of eye catching mood lighting.

Night Visions at the Nashville Zoo - DINOTREK After Dark.

Extra attractions are included with admission - so take a spin on the Wild Animal Carousel, fly high on their Soaring Eagle zip line, or explore DinoTrek After Dark and come face-to-face with more than a dozen Jurassic beasts. The dinosaurs come in various shapes and sizes. Some are watching their young while others are on the prowl and a few even spit so watch out. While the animatronic animals are awake most of the others are sleeping but you may still spot a flock of flamingos and Unseen New World is open the first hour of each night. Also, adult beverages, food and soft drinks can be purchased during the event.

The Nashville Zoo is an educational and entertaining place to visit anytime. Their staff is committed to conservation and is actively involved in breading programs, habitat protection and research. Special events such as Night Visions supports the work of the Nashville Zoo so please plan a day or night trip soon.

Night Visions at the Nashville Zoo - Neon Lagoon.

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A Night of Enchantment at the Nashville Zoo

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