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At the Twelve Keys Saloon - Finding Good Music in Hermitage Is No Problem At All

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Finding a songwriter's round in Nashville is not a problem as there are plenty to choose from. On Saturday, April 02, 2022 we found ourselves at the Twelve Keys Saloon for an afternoon session. The event was hosted by musician Jaye D Marie and was billed as TSAI Around Town.

At the Twelve Keys Saloon in Hermitage.

The Twelve Keys Salon located at 4719 Andrew Jackson Pkwy, Hermitage, Tennessee calls itself "a beer joint with a music problem." This intimate, family run bar focuses mostly on beer paired with some food items. The TSAI event ran from 3 to 6 pm so the room was still bright - a nice change from the sometimes dark confines of many drinking establishments. The Twelve Keys Saloon has live music most nights including open mics plus daily specials.

Kicking things off was Jimmer and Eileen Bernstein accompanied by Greg Tape on guitar. Eileen joked that her first song was a lesson in math as the snappy piece proclaimed that things don't add up. Eileen's music was relatable and well crafted. Jimmer also touched upon relationships in a tune that incorporated the idea of a phone answering system - press 1, press 2 etc. He closed the round with a song about cruising up and down the Gulf Shore.

Parkway South were hitting on all cylinders on Saturday afternoon.

Jaylene Derise was paired with Pamela Lack who brought along guitarist Bobby. Pamela opened with a song that talked about music, her savior and Tennessee. Ms. Lack's tunes were visual as demonstrated on "Made In The Shade" where you could picture yourself hanging out on a hot sunny day. Jaylene also was an apt singer-storyteller when it came to tales of the heart.

Parkway South was a husband and wife duo from the Northeast. The two were edgy and engaging opening their set with a slightly racy love song. Next, was a new track called "White Noise" about not being heard - something most married couples could understand. "Fool In Love" was another solid rocker reflecting classic rock roots with a catchy hook.

As sometimes happens, folks don't show up for their round so the next slot featured Mo - the owner of the bar along with Ri'chard a former restaurant owner. Ri'chard started with a cool, swampy romp called "Pass It On" and the boss countered it with a song that had a similar vibe. Later he sang the witty it ain't my birthday but drinking like it is. "Boxes of Knives" was a serious and sharp tune by Ri'chard, then Mo presented a piece that he wrote the day his daughter was born and it was packed with the wonders of childhood.

Renowned chef Richard Trest served up a surprise set of tasty music.

The last group featured a trio of male talent - John J Kennedy, PJ Steelman and Joe Hynek. John describes his style as honest, blue-collar Americana. Per his website, PJ's sound is kind of like Frank Sinatra meeting Janis Joplin. They were introduced to each other by Willie a Mickey Newberry concert. Joe Hynek is a Nashville artist perfecting his craft in Music City.

Jaye D Marie hosts a number of songwriter rounds in the Nashville region so check her out to either sign up or to find an event to hear good live music. Also, please visit the Twelve Keys Saloon as it is a venue that proudly supports independent artists.

It was a full round of music just outside of Nashville.

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