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Detailed LEGO Sculptures Make For an Awesome Exhibition at Opry Mills Mall

by Rich and Laura Lynch

AWESOME EXHIBITION is a LEGO display like no other. This interactive showcase of LEGO models includes an orca whale, the first life-sized LEGO Harley Davidson ever designed and much more. Thousands of hours and over two million LEGO bricks were used to craft these 40 models of real world objects and places.

It truly is an Awesome Exhibit at the Opry Mills Mall.

AWESOME EXHIBITION is not just a form of artist expression but a platform for collaboration, education and interaction. The pieces are the vibrant vision of "The Brickman" a team of skilled LEGO craftsmen led by Ryan McNaught. Ryan is a certified LEGO professional - in fact he is only one of 22 in the world that hold this prestigious title.

AWESOME EXHIBITION is organized by themes. Some of the first amazing things you will see are animals. Quite a few of these creative critters are from the land of Australia. Films are also represented by LEGO movie posters and a replica of Grauman's Chinese Theatre. The theater is filled with patrons watching a LEGO feature. Cultural references such as The Simpson's TV are on display as well as a depiction of the Roswell Crash. Look closely for sci-fi icons mixed into this detailed story.

Like this famous DeLoreon, LEGO bricks are a timeless plaything.

Details are a big part of AWESOME EXHIBITION. A number of models such as the incredible Icebreaker, RSV Nuyina are cut in half. One side shows all the activities on the outside of the boat while the inside is packed with decks of equipment and people conducting scientific research. Each facsimile has signage that tells visitors how many bricks and hours were needed to make the exhibit along with some insights from its creators. In addition, to studying all the details of each display there is an ongoing scavenger hunt to find missing AWESOME EXHIBITION workers who got lost during set-up.

The displays are dazzling and educational. Famous buildings such as the Eiffel Tower and transportation are illustrated at AWESOME EXHIBITION. In addition to the super cool Harley there is a Back to the Future DeLorean plus an eye catching Ferris Wheel.

A mini Grauman's Chinese Theatre had the real life LEGO Batman playing inside.

Interactive build stations are located by some of the displays where children of all ages are encouraged to make their own models. During our visit we observed that many were inspired by the penguins that were surrounded by mini replicas made by patrons. Also, on site is what will be the longest LEGO snake. Visitors were given a LEGO rectangle to design and add to the snake so this particular model will be made by the Nashville community when it is completed.

AWESOME EXHIBITION can be experienced March through May 08, 2022 at the Opry Mills Mall (539 Opry Mills Drive) in Nashville, Tennessee. You can stop in while shopping at the mall where there is a LEGO store or purchase timed tickets in advance. The tour on average lasts between 45-90 minutes. So come see for yourself the aptly named AWESOME EXHIBITION!

Movies posters, Roswell and a bit of the artist's homeland were all on display.

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