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Music City Flea Delivers the Vintage Goods in Nashville

by Rich and Laura Lynch

On Saturday, October 30, 2021 we were in for a real treat as we headed down to Music City Flea located at 400 Davidson Street in Nashville, Tennessee for the latest installment of their Vintage & Vinyl Market. This two day event is a regular component of the flea market - yet remains more specialized while showcasing nearly 50 vendors who sell vintage apparel, music and sports memorabilia, vinyl records and more!

Brad and Irene, vintage vinyl and creative up-cycling were all part of Music City Flea.

Their website states that - "The Music City Flea is one of Nashville's hidden gems when it comes to shopping, fashion, art, small businesses, and unique finds! While you're at the Food Truck Park, make sure to stop inside the Music City Flea to shop with our amazing vendors! Held inside of a huge 32,000 square foot facility, you'll have plenty of space to social distance while you shop."

In addition to the specialized "Vinyl Marketplace" - the Music City Flea is open every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. with an added bonus for the foodies known as the Music City Food Truck Park. They invite you out to join your fellow Nashvillians to shop for vintage & boutique apparel, jewelry, artwork, home décor, body products, CBD products, candles, handmade goods, secondhand goods, and more! An added bonus? There is free parking, no admission fee to enter and an abundant amount of live music during the spring through fall seasons.

Some notable vendors that we saw on Halloween weekend included: The Fiftees - a vintage inspired collection of artist-designed apparel celebrating the 50 states with American-inspired, American-produced T-shirts available in a wide variety of colors and styles! Citrine Upcycled Creations - featuring a wide assortment of re-imagined cassette tapes and VHS cartridges that now served as colorful lighting complete with embedded LEDs. Brad and Irene's "Futurustics" booth proclaimed that "some things never get old" and they had a lot of high quality, rare albums including their recent score of many classic rock concerts of the bootleg persuasion all available at affordable prices.

Garth Brooks, Yoda and tons of retro records were sighted on Sunday.

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