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Nitro Circus Jumps into Nashville with an Exhilarating Display of Death-Defying Stunts

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Nitro Circus exhilarated fans in Nashville Tennessee on October 15th, 2021. TheYou Got This - Tour is packed with an elite list of athletes from BMX, freestyle motocross (FMX), skate and more. Nitro Circus features top international action sports stars such as Australia's Ryan Williams, a dual threat on both BMX and scooter. Williams is a four-time Nitro World Games winner as well as a three-time X Games gold medalist. Nitro ringleader Travis Pastrana considers him, "hands down, the best action sports athlete alive today." Ryan was one of many on Friday night that performed fearless feats at First Horizon Park home of The Sounds baseball team.

Nitro Circus put on a show in Nashville, Tennessee.

The show is set up like a circus with a ringmaster acting as an MC who calls out the stunts as they happen. The program switches from motor cross to manual so something is always going on. The motorcycles came out roaring as each rider did a jump that required accuracy and flexibility. As the evening progressed their tricks only got tougher as they catapulted off of a 65-foot high ramp.

Next, our attention was directed to Nitro's legendary 45-foot Giganta ramp that launches non-motorized athletes into the sky at 40 miles per hour. This was a free style event in which bikes, scooters, skateboards and even tricycles sped down the steep slope soaring into the air before nailing their landings. Later, these daredevils did some crazy stunts utilizing wheeled contraptions that are not known for flying such as a cooler, a garbage can and a whiskey barrel. It may have looked funny but these folks are taking serious risks as they push the envelope with these innovative new tricks.

Nitro Circus put on a show in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Nitro Circus happens to have a lot of athletes from America and Australia so it made sense that there would be a contest between the two countries. A little trash talk took place as well as a bunch of amazing tricks but since the audience got to pick the winner it was not that surprising that the U.S. won in Music City. The first half of the circus concluded with the explosive "Nitro Bomb" in which both ramps were active with motor cross finishing up with a fast paced series of flips. They have the advantage of circling the field whereas the other athletes have to walk up a lot of stairs to get to their 45-foot ramp.

Nitro Circus prides itself on pushing the limits so the second half was all about that. In a segment called "Speed & Style" two motorcycles raced and jumped side by side. Although it was called a race the whole ride determined who would be nominated that night's winner. "Trains" was a visually stimulating event in which the athletes closely follow each other performing the same flip or jump - it was courageous and cool.

Nitro Circus put on a show in Nashville, Tennessee.

Even more valor was required as the Levi Ramp and later the Moonbooter were set up. Both of these ramps sent riders even higher into the air so they could expand upon their already impressive tricks. "The Jam Session" was another way for the athletes to strut their stuff as one person would perform a stunt and the next would have to do something better and so on. Riders could decline which eventually left just one, so on Friday it was Adam Jones who topped the charts. Nitro Circus was coming to a climatic end with more rousing "Trains" but they had to close down a few minutes early as it had started to rain.

Nitro Circus was founded by Travis Pastrana and his friends in 2003. It started out with them selling self-made DVDs showing off their insane yet skillful stunts. The idea took off evolving into a TV show, a 3D movie and a touring company that is known as Nitro Circus. If you are looking for an exhilarating event check out Nitro Circus live or on screen.

Nitro Circus put on a show in Nashville, Tennessee.

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