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Carter Vintage Guitars Strikes a Chord in Nashville as Decade Mark Looms on Horizon

by Rich and Laura Lynch

In Nashville, Tennessee there are a number of legendary guitar shops that are destinations for locals, musicians and tourists. One of them is Carter Vintage Guitars located at 625 8th Ave. South. This establishment was founded by Christie and Walter Carter in 2012 with the vision of providing a comfortable place for fine fretted instruments and the folks who appreciate them. Carter Vintage Guitars has won the "NAMM Top 100 Dealer Award" for multiple years. They are open Monday through Saturday.

Carter Vintage Guitars is nearly as iconic as the Batman Building in Nashville.

For almost 25 years Christie worked at another well-known guitar store in Music City. Walter was also employed at the same shop in two different stints totaling 12 years and during the interim he was Gibson's in-house historian. Both had learned the ins and outs of acquiring and marketing vintage instruments and they knew a lot of people in the industry.

Early on Carter Vintage Guitars hosted lessons and live performances and they use to devote significant wall space to art but because they excelled at the business of buying and selling guitars they have devoted all their energy and empty spots to instruments. Their current challenges are not having enough room for their expansive and exceptional inventory. Also, they like other retailers have had to deal with Covid which forced them to shift to more online sales or appointment only encounters. When they re-opened post-pandemic in May of 2021 they limited the number of customers allowed in the shop at one time. But, now that their tenth anniversary is in sight it is full steam ahead as things are returning to normal in Music City.

Instruments are displayed like artwork at the hallowed shop on 8th Avenue.

Their 8000-square-foot facility features an inviting environment packed with vintage fretted instruments along with high-quality new ones. Customers are encouraged to try out instruments on comfortable benches or in private rooms. Art works is incorporated into the main showroom that has banjos, basses, gear, mandolins and of course guitars. There is a range of price points and according to their tags some of Carter's instruments were previously owned by well-known musicians. Also, of special note are their prewar Martins and Lloyd Loar signed instruments.

Carter Vintage Guitars is near restaurants and King Baby Jewelry. The celebrated store has had celebrity visitors such as Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson, Vince Gill and many more so be on the lookout when you are visiting this store that is packed with history and unique, antique instruments.

At Carter Vintage Guitars you can see that Nashville is a steel town.

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