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Jason Minton Starts Cooking Again in Nashville at the Kitchen Downtown

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Jason Minton remains one of our favorite independent artists of all-time. This true country boy grew up surrounded by the Nashville sounds but his heart led him to love the output of English new wave bands like Squeeze and Crowded House. Distilled through his unique perspective the resulting mix is golden and was on display when Jason and his proficient band forayed into the downtown for the first of two showcases at the Kitchen Downtown on Friday, August 13, 2021.

Jason Minton will be back at the Kitchen Downtown on August 27, 2021.

Minton told us that he has stayed busy throughout the pandemic. His monthly gig at Kimbro's in Franklin had to cancel a pair of shows at the start of the lockdowns but when live music returned so did the fans and his events in his hometown region that feature extended explorations of pertinent covers and his own compelling originals have become a must-see show in the region.

Jason has also been busy recording new music with his well honed band and the new tracks stick pretty close to his recipe for success with a few noticeable added ingredients to provide a little more flavor. We heard an advance preview of his latest "Don't Hesitate" that leans a bit more toward blue eyed soul with a hot horn section providing a lot of punch. Stay tuned - it will be out soon. Jason is not quite ready to serve this one up yet as a whole platter is being prepared for consumption in the coming months.

The food at Kitchen Downtown was exquisite and affordable and the team from MCN sampled the delicious turkey club while we watched a generous hand crafted salad delivered to the table behind us. We will be back for that! Nick is the proprietor and he is himself a musician who plays a regular Thursday night gig at the restaurant that is located right next to The Arcade on the street formerly known as 5th Avenue. His band includes local legend Guthrie Trapp and the weekly shows often include appearances by special guests including Joe Bonamassa and more.

If you need any more convincing to pay a visit to the Kitchen Downtown the reviews are in with its fans declaring - Great food! / Incredible music / Top notch staff! / Delish great service / The food was yummy! / cool ambiance / Great live music / Awesome food and prices! / This place is amazing!

The Jason Minton band is ready for the big time in Nashville.

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