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Dino Stroll Stomps Into Nashville

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Dinosaurs may have been extinct for millions of years yet they still dominate the modern age in movies, museums, toys and more. Dino Stroll is a new attraction that transports children of all ages to the Mesozoic Era with prehistoric dinosaurs from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods. Dino Stroll is on tour and stomped into the Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee on July 31st and August 1st, 2021.

Dino Stroll stomps into Nashville.

Dino Stroll is the ultimate walk through experience that lets folks stroll among life-like and life-size dinosaurs, some standing over 25 feet tall and spanning over 60 feet long! Furthermore, many of the creatures were created with moving heads, necks, tails, wings, eyes blinking, mouths that open and close, breathing movements, synchronized sounds and many more exquisite details that bring them to life. Informative plates are by the feet of many of the dinos so that one can learn their names and food preferences.

We found out that fossil records indicate that birds are modern feathered dinosaurs. Prehistoric dinosaurs were mainly large-bodied. Carnivores were armed with sharp teeth and claws to assist with hunting whereas herbivores had smaller heads with long necks to reach plants. Some dinosaurs were small in comparison to their bigger cousins yet they found ways to survive despite being lower on the food chain.

The new stars of Music City brought to life by Dino Stroll.

At Dino Stroll guests can take in the sights at their own pace and there is plenty to see but organizers warn that if you linger to long you run the risk of making the dinosaurs hungry. There are over 70 dinosaurs within the exhibit, ranging from babies to giants including T-Rex, Velociraptors and Stegosaurus, just to name a few. On site are a number of additional attractions available for a fee and they reflect more attention to detail - for example children on 4 wheelers were give dinosaur helmets and a number of benches were in the shape prehistoric creatures.

We had an opportunity to speak with the Dino Stroll founders. They had been running an event space in Michigan when they came up with the idea of a dinosaur display partially inspired by the Jurassic Park movies. The concept was so popular that they decided to take it on the road. They booked a few locations but soon (like in the films) things grew out of control but in this case in a good way to over 40 cities and taking a page from the band TSO they have two regional tours traveling for 2021.

Dino Stroll also has a national charitable outreach called Stomp Out Hunger to support those struggling within each community that they roll into. Food donations are encouraged at each event. In Nashville, non-perishable items went to Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee. Since 1978, they have provided a central distribution center for companies, groups and individuals who want to help provide food for hungry people in Middle Tennessee.

The new stars of Music City brought to life by Dino Stroll.

Furthermore, Dino Stroll hosts DINO THERAPY where some of their dinosaurs make special visits to hospitals and schools to provide happiness by creating dino-mite smiles to all those they encounter. Check out the pictures on their website to see how successful this initiative has been.

Dino Stroll provides a realistic trip back in time with their animatronic dinosaurs. It is an attraction for all ages where 3 generations of a family can be educated and entertained. Dino Stroll made a dramatic foray into Music City and they are scheduled to visit more locations in 2021, so check it out if they come to your community and please remember to bring canned goods when you go!

The new stars of Music City brought to life by Dino Stroll.

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