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Colt Prather Is Praiseworthy at Music City Showcase Performance

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Colt Prather is a commanding figure. He is over 6 feet tall but it is his artistry that will really grab hold of your attention as it did for Shane Decker. The award winning producer/songwriter discovered Colt in a Nashville venue which led to Shane co-producing Colt's first record with Sony. Prather is currently working on new material but has not officially announced any release information.

Prather was an imposing figure and a charismatic frontman at SIR.

Well established artists have likewise taken notice of Colt who has shared the stage with Alison Krauss, ZZ Top, Sting, Heart, 38 Special, REO Speedwagon, B.B. King and Buddy Guy. Prather has also worked his way into the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks with "I Won't Go On and On". Colt certainly had our attention when we attended an artist showcase at SIR Rehearsal Studios in Nashville, Tennessee on June 03, 2021. Prather was fronting a full band who added plenty of punch to Colt's intense performance. Colt blended blues, country, rock and soul in relatable songs. Prather was just as passionate when it came to the guitar - demonstrating that he is a charismatic, well-rounded artist.

Colt Prather got to work with a 5-piece band in Nashville.

As Prather was playing a SRV tune he walked out to the audience and handed his instrument to his father who showed that the apple does not fall far from the tree. It was a warm moment in what was a hot set of music. At SIR, Prather was a passionate and personable force to be reckoned with so be on the lookout for this rising star.

Colt Prather impressed with gutsy and gritty guitar skills.

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