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At the Elliston Place Soda Shop - Who Doesn't Love a Music City Comeback Story?

by Rich and Laura Lynch

The Elliston Place Soda Shop had been a fixture on the West End since 1939 when the then 23-year-old Lynn Chandler purchased the soda fountain business of Elliston Pharmacy. But, in 2019 with changing demographics and rising economic pressures owner Skip Bibb decided to close up shop at the historic location.

At the newly re-opened Elliston Place Soda Shop in Nashville, Tennessee.

But, when one door closes another literally opens. Longtime Soda Shop patron and developer Tony Giarratana stepped in to save the business and plans were drawn up to open a more expansive space only two doors down from the original location on the Rock Block.

The now two and a half times larger restaurant officially re-opened in May 2021 and customers are returning in droves to enjoy the fried chicken, burgers, shakes and desserts that have made the Soda Shop a legend in Music City since the first half of the 20th Century. This is a comeback not unlike the famous musical ones in the past that saw legends like Elvis and the Man in Black recreate themselves when their careers seemed to have ground to a halt.

Speaking of music, the new bigger space boasts a modern jukebox and a stage prominently positioned at the back of the dining room to make the Soda Shop Nashville's newest live music venue. Musicians and singer-songwriters will be featured during the last hour of the days and during the delectable Sunday brunch offerings. So get shakin', come on out and enjoy the new Elliston Place Soda Shop - an establishment destined to satisfy all of your senses at once.

Step back in time at the Elliston Place Soda Shop.

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