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On the Music City Record Store Trail - Variety Records in Columbia

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Call me a relic or a dinosaur. But, I still like physical product when it comes to music. Luckily, within the confines of the greater Music City region there are plenty of stores that meet my needs including my latest discovery - Variety Records conveniently located on the historic town square of Columbia, Tennessee.

The stage at Variety Records.

Owned and operated by a couple of determined guys - including the longtime guitar player in Buddy Guy's band Scott Holt - this musically inclined pair of proprietors are focused on making an impact in not only the world of music but in their community as well. To that end - their bins and shelving are on wheels and can be quickly pushed to the side whenever Scott feels like getting his band together for a live in store appearance with or without special guest appearances by local and visiting industry celebrities.

Variety Records owner and blues rock royalty - Scott Holt.

As far as selection we found the ample offerings of both used CDs and vinyl to be modestly priced and affordable for either the old timer or young gun just getting into the collecting game. When we visited, Keith was good for some personalized industry stories while ringing us up for a pair of Steve Perry CD singles marked down from just over a dollar apiece. We can't wait to visit again to dig back in to their eclectic and varied batch of treasures.

Variety Records on the historic town square in Columbia, Tennessee.

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