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Dinosaurs in Nashville? Well, At Least One Anyway.

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Listen, I don't want to name names. But, there are some folks out there who say Nashville is quickly becoming the destination for old classic rock dinosaurs to ride out their golden years. While that may or may not be true one verifiable fact is that there is now a neighborhood in Music City that is characterized by its own museum worthy skeleton of a Jurassic era creature on a newly redesigned cul-de-sac.

This brand new Nashville home is sure to become a favored destination for budding paleontologists.

We honestly don't know much more about it so your team at MCN might be one of the first to make its discovery. Because when you happen upon these prehistoric bones that overlook the city they come complete with the hashtag #NashvilleDinosaur. But, when we did an Internet search not a lot of information could be traced back to the phrase.

So, we are left to imagine that perhaps this old fellow was recently unearthed as part of all the digging and construction that is taking place on the side of town where it stands. A quick drive by will reveal that the Edgehill/Chestnut Hill/Wedgewood-Houston region is quickly transforming into a shiny new offshoot of the Music Row experience with exciting new music related businesses, restaurants and residential properties promising to open up soon. And, that's one way to guarantee that even more rock and roll dinosaurs will find their way here, too.

So far, the hashtag #nashvilledinosaur doesn't lead to much information.

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