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Dickson County Gets Ready for the Pickin' on the Piney Music Festival

by Rich and Laura Lynch

There's a new venue in the town of Dickson, Tennessee and organizers are proud and excited to announce the region's newest two-day event called the Pickin' on the Piney Music Festival to be held on June 5 & 6, 2021 as the debut concert hosted by Piney River Land. Pick up your tickets now by visiting the website or scanning the "QR" on the poster below.

Scan the "QR" code to get your tickets to the first concert ever at the venue.

Several artists and members of the festival crew gathered on Saturday, May 1, 2021 for a pre-concert get together to go over details, confirm set times and to get familiar with the lay of the land that has been recently transformed from a farm plot into a festival and event center complete with concert stage, green room and an outdoor kitchen. There will be music of all types ranging from folk, country, blues and rock. But, organizers want to remind visitors that this is a family friendly event, so that means - no alcoholic beverages, no recreational drugs, no firearms and no pets allowed.

Darren T., Mike Shipley and site manager Steve Crow on bass. (Photo courtesy of Javeyn)

But, they have said "YES" to an incredible slate of talent over the course of the first weekend in June and performers include: Ridge Banks, Ma Bell, Denise Benson, Lauren Blaine, Terri Lynn Blues, Mickey Daniel, Mike Hebert, Dean Holmen, Curtis Hudgins, Javelyn Jav, Kirstie Lee, Rockin' Rich Lynch, Tesa Lynn, Jaycee Lynne, Darren T Maddy, Brenda McCready, Hyram Posey, Elton Ray, Mike Shipley, Songster Stash, Carol Tarsitano, Jim Westmoreland, Effron White, ABC Trio, Campbell's Calamity Soup, Nashville Gone South and Pickin Crows. Check the website for the daily schedule and artist set times.

One of several pre-concert pow-wows provided planning and jamming opps. (Photo courtesy of Steve Crow)

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