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Rare Picasso Exhibit Piques Interest of Music City Art Community

by Rich and Laura Lynch

In so many ways normal life in Music City was broken down and disfigured during the pandemic. So, it just makes sense that a globally recognized master of deconstructing form would help put together an event to lead Nashville back to better times. To that end, the Frist Art Museum is excited to announce that "Picasso. Figures" has been extended for one more week, now closing on Sunday, May 9. Additionally, the exhibition Liliana Porter: Man with Axe and Other Stories will also remain on view during the extension.

"Picasso. Figures" takes up residence at the Frist Art Museum.

Lines were noticeable and there was a palpable excitement in the air when we headed downtown to Broadway on Sunday, April 11, for our timed entry into the exhibit. Now, how Nashville landed this rare glimpse into the life of a legendary artist is anyone's guess. But, the why is more apparent as the showcase is on temporary loan from the incomparable collection of the Musée national Picasso-Paris -- a destination that currently remains closed in France as a response to the Covid-19 crisis.

So, Europe's loss is Nashville's gain and the buzz generated by the exhibit featuring 76 paintings, works on paper, and sculptures has helped lower Broad return to life as patrons are flocking in droves to see "Picasso. Figures" make its sole U.S. appearance in Nashville at the Frist during the museum's 20th anniversary.

A fine sampling of the master's work adorned the walls of the Frist.

We highly recommend grabbing tickets for the exhibition that offers an in-depth look at Pablo Picasso's career-long fascination with the human figure as a means of expressing a range of subjects and emotions. Highlights include masterpieces from Picasso's various styles and periods, as well as more intimate works that provide fresh insights into his innovative practice.

"Viewers will see how, as Picasso continuously deconstructed and then remade the body, he was also recasting the history of figuration as a combination of his own psychological view of humanity and observations about the disruptive nature of life in the 20th century," says Frist Art Museum chief curator Mark Scala. The works in Picasso. Figures range from geometric abstractions of the human body to emotionally charged depictions of family, friends, and lovers, offering a panoramic summary of his wide-ranging creativity while providing glimpses of his tumultuous relationships with his wives, mistresses, muses, and models.

Pablo Picasso - artist at work seen projected in life size realism in Nashville.

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