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Can You Get a Good "Jersey Bagel" in Mid-Tenn? Surprisingly, Yes!

by Rich and Laura Lynch

One day as we were walking around Couchville Lake at Long Hunter State Park we met P&L. He was wearing a NY Yankees' baseball cap so we inquired if they were New Yorkers. Sure enough they were from Long Island. We continued to walk around the lake with them learning that they had recently retired to Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. We enjoyed comparing notes on living in the northeast vs. Nashville. On future visits to this scenic spot we would run into them and continue having engaging conversations which included talks about some of the foods that we all missed.

Jersey Oven is on the rise in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

"We found bagels," P&L declared on a recent encounter. They enthusiastically told us about Jersey Oven. Not only does Jersey Oven make bagels the NY/NJ way but they craft their own "spreads" (cream cheese with or without flavors). P&J raved how good this place was.

On a sunny Saturday in March we finally made the pilgrimage to Jersey Oven and it lived up to our friend's praises. We walked in and said that we were from NJ and had heard good things about this place. The lady behind the counter smiled as she handed us a sample - confident that we were going to love it - and we did! In addition to bagels they make pastries, pizza and sandwiches in which you can get pork roll or if you are from Northern NJ its Taylor ham.

The Jersey Oven's offerings of bagels and pizza is so, so good!!!

We were introduced to the founder of Jersey Oven who told us he was from Howell stating that he found a way to duplicate the water in NY/NJ which is key to the bagel's special consistency of slightly crispy and doughy. Randy moved to TN and opened this store in a prime location - 300 Pleasant Grove Road in Mt Juliet, TN (In the Walmart Shopping Center).

For us, their bagels were a wonderful taste of home. We bought a bunch since thankfully bagels freeze well so we have more to enjoy before another trip to this store. Jersey Oven opens at 6 a.m. on weekdays and 7 a.m. on weekends and closes mid-afternoon but if the lights are on-they are still open. "Jersey Oven is the place in Middle TN to get your hand rolled boiled bagels, handmade specialty cream cheeses and hand cut sandwiches made to order." And, it's more convenient than a 17 hour drive back to the Garden State for a taste of New Jersey.

Shop owner Randy is as authentic as his New Jersey style bagels and pizza.

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