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In the Nashville Spotlight at the 404 Bar and Grill

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Rockin' Rich Lynch returned to the 404 Bar and Grill on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 to kick off another fine night of music generously hosted by Javelyn. The talented performer in her own right is one of Music City's hardest working industry connectors and earnest supporters of emerging artists - and plenty of that was on display at this buzzing night spot that backs up to the Nashville Zoo.

Rockin' Rich Lynch is in the Nashville spotlight.

Lynch was coming off of two back-to-back appearances at the Commodore Grille -- and with a little more experience under his belt he delivered a quick 5 song set over two rounds dedicating "Jesus Rock" to the host along with an eerily prophetic take on the pandemic and the turned upside down world that he penned in December of 2018 called "Won't Somebody Please" that contained the line "it's going down, that's what I think, we're all in the same boat, and it's starting to sink."

Lynch's tunes were rather ominous, whereas Javelyn who shared the stage with Rich during the opening slot sang about "Love" and other more hopeful topics. She was not alone as several others also provided more buoyant music for the patrons, staff and fellow musicians who gathered for a night of networking and fellowship in the cozy club tucked just yards off of the Nolensville Pike.

Lynch kicked off the night with his take on "Jesus Rock".

Javelyn is a singer-songwriter, performing artist, television host, social media influencer and so much more. Since early September, she has been hosting "Java With Javelyn" at the 404 Bar and Grill. The show is an open-mic, which as Javelyn explained is different than a songwriters round because the later usually has scheduled artists whereas at her event there is a sign-up sheet and the number of people prepared to play varies, therefore they might get to perform more than an allotted two or three songs. Javelyn also adds an element of fun by raffling off prizes and in recent weeks she has partnered with a group that hosts poker games on Tuesdays as well.

Please note that an open-mic is not karaoke. Rose confessed to that misunderstanding but decided to give it a shot anyway. Rose presented a cover song in which Javelyn with the help of her trustee phone accompanied her on ukulele. Although, most folks prefer to play originals covers are generally well received. Rose was a good singer and perhaps left that night inspired to put pen to paper and give songwriting a shot.

In the Nashville spotlight - Javelyn, Corin Diaz, Mike Villines and Brandon Britton.

Corin Diaz described her style as alternative folk. She picked and strummed her guitar to punctuate poetic lyrics. Songs such as "I Listen To The Birds" painted pretty and realistic images of nature. Corin was paired with Mike Villines who was a strong storyteller and we really enjoyed his take on Texas-Honky-Tonk with a tune about love as big as the Lone Star State.

Next, Brandon Britton who is a musician and producer shared the stage with Dustin Weber. Both men were expressive singers and players who performed snappy along with more sentimental pieces during their solid set. A keyboard was set up for Analog Mike who shared his insights on life in a compelling composition about being a "Better Man". When Diaz saw the keyboard she asked if she could play another song and she shined on a track called "Guiding Light".

Javelyn who also plays keys closed another edition of her uniquely conceived showcase with the inspiring "Not Alone". If you want to start jamming with Javelyn then get in touch with her A.S.A.P. to book your appearance or come on down to the 404 Bar Grill at 404 Elysian Fields Road on a Tuesday night and sign up.

In the Nashville spotlight - Dustin Weber, Rose and Analog Mike.

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