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In "Ruff" Times, Nashville Musicians Dig Deep for a Canine-Themed Cause

by Rich and Laura Lynch

In Music City, times have been tough and the days rough as the music industry both locally and nationally has ground to a halt due to Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions. But, as the dog days of the pandemic passed over the land one group of East Nashville musicians got busy recording music for a cause dear and near to their hearts. Thus, Rock and Roll Over -- a 17-track collection of songs inspired by their dogs was born. This worthy canine-themed compilation promises that all proceeds from this project will go to support animal shelters across the country.

Rock and Roll Over started as an idea between Moosylvania Rafter Records owner, Norty Cohen and The Truehearts' Steve McWilliams, as they faced a country and music industry put on hold by the pandemic raging in our nation. The record was the answer to the question of what to do with this new found free time that could combine the things that so many of us love: music, dogs, and helping people. After coming up with the concept they began contacting friends from across the vast landscape of the East Nashville music scene to gauge interest in writing a song about their four legged friends for a good cause. The response was overwhelmingly amazing...everyone was in. All of the artists were tasked with picking a breed of dog and writing a song about them. The songs started coming in droves, seems that everyone wanted to lend their talents to this project. They enlisted Dave Coleman to help produce the album and things were set. The songs on Rock and Roll Over vary in style and instrumentation, but the threads of exceptional songwriting and rock n roll run strongly throughout.

With the finished product in their hands, Cohen and McWilliams decided to use the album as a way to raise money and awareness for animal shelters all over the country. With that goal in mind they released the album to streaming and digital platforms this summer, with all of the proceeds going straight to animal shelters all over the country. Now the record, complete with extensive liner notes about all of the artists involved, is being made available for the music press and radio DJs across the land. What started as a way to fill time during a very dark time in our nation, has become a showcase for a group of talented songwriters and a way to shed a positive light on a great cause.

As far as compilation albums go, this one is a real treat. "Do The Dachs-Hound" by Bob Lewis w/ Phill Price is a cuddly romp through old-time rock and roll with legs - albeit very short ones! "Woooooo All Day" by Irakli Gabriel and Brett Ryan Stewart reminds us that just as dogs evolved from wolves this one perhaps has a touch of DNA grafted in from Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London". This track is a pleasing and witty tune that is sure to get your tail-wagging in support of man's furriest best friends.

"Pit Bulls Rock" by Jimmy Catlett has a classic rock feel as it struts its stuff in praise of the oft-misunderstood Pit Bull. As far as this disc is concerned - it just might win best of show. Written from the dog's perspective it at least stands as a breed of its own.

Other favorites that were barking for our attention were "King of the Pack" by Mike Younger, "I'm a Terrier" by Mark Robinson and "My Labrador Retriever" by David Conrad that are all fetching examples of fine East Nashville musicianship. With 17-total tracks there's enough music here to give you pause for the cause. Now, only one question remains - when will cats get their say??? Surely they are meowsic worthy, too!

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