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Hop Springs: Something Big Is Brewing in Murfreesboro

by Rich and Laura Lynch

I have just one question. Where was the Fermentation Science degree when I was an undergraduate trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life? God knows I had plenty of practice and experience in being a taste tester by the time my paper finally arrived. But, I don't want to sound bitter because it is truly refreshing to know that students in Mid-Tenn can now pursue their brewing dreams in the form of higher education thanks to an intoxicating partnership between Murfreesboro's MTSU, Hop Springs and the Life Is Brewing brand of beers.

We have known about this project for some time when we got the inside scoop at a music conference in town a few years ago. Back then - while sipping on one of the company's first offerings in the form of the flavorful Americana Pale Ale - we learned of their plans to build a brewery and concert amphitheater to go along with an education program at Middle Tennessee State University a short distance up the road from the college in Murfreesboro.

Fast forward to earlier in 2020 when their plans ultimately came into fruition and Hop Springs finally opened its doors. However, the roll out was kind of disappointing though. But, not through any fault of their own. Like a hastily poured draft with an intrusive layer of foam Covid 19 stepped in to slow the enjoyment of the facility and dampen the organizer's best laid plans.

The large outdoor stage is ready to get a workout from music's biggest acts.

Still, there are signs that big things are coming. The planned amphitheater has morphed into a fully equipped large outdoor stage that is sure to draw some of the region's biggest acts once pandemic restrictions are rolled back. The beer garden is brand new, shiny and inviting and ready to pour dozens of ales and ciders. The grounds include a full disc golf course and hiking trails that are still being blazed on its expansive and rugged 83 plus acres in Rutherford County. We can't wait to be first in line to toast the students and proprietors on a job well done once we can all find a way back to normal.

About MTSU's Fermentation Science, B.S. MTSU's Fermentation Science major is the first degree program of its type in Tennessee and rare in the Southeast region. Fermentation is now understood to be an ideal vehicle for the production of highly nutritious and long-term stable foods with unique flavors, textures, and aromas. Tennessee is home to a large and diverse community of food processors, and the most significant growth has been in the fermented foods segment of this vitally important industry. Courses in Fermentation Science will be taught in partnership with local companies, and hands-on training sessions at industry sites as well as internships will be scheduled to accommodate both working professionals and traditional students.

The beer garden and frisbee golf are two big draws for the Hop Springs facility.

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