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Loretta Lynn's Ranch Is Where Country Music Royalty Reigns

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Loretta Lynn is country music royalty with a real rags to riches story - as told in her song, book and the movie about her childhood. "Coal Miner's Daughter" paints the picture of a girl growing up poor in a remote Appalachian Kentucky hamlet. Lynn and her large family lived in a cramped cabin with music being a source of enjoyment. For Loretta (and some of her siblings) music would also be an escape that later led to a closet full of dresses that a princess would envy.

We spent a full day at the Loretta Lynn Ranch.

Over five decades ago, Lynn arrived in Nashville, Tennessee and signed her first deal on February 1, 1960. Loretta is a self-taught guitarist and songwriter. From the start she was a non-conformist. Lynn penned her own lyrics, many of which tackled boundary-pushing topics drawn from her own life experiences as a wife and mother. Today, she remains active and she recently released what has been described as one of the most deeply personal albums of her career. Wouldn't It Be Great conveys in words the hard truths and spiritual insights Loretta has gathered throughout her life while reflecting on the resilience that sustains her still. Comprised entirely of songs written (or co-written) by Loretta, the album premieres new compositions alongside soulful reinterpretations of her enduring classics.

In the 1960's, Loretta and her husband Moody purchased a plantation but at that time they did not realize that in addition to the land they had also brought the town of Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. Lynn still lives on the property which is open to the public. At the front of the ranch are cabins along with campgrounds. Further on up the road is a motor cross track and a stage where concerts can be held. Other activities include a creek, pool, kayaking, tubing, hiking, fishing, playgrounds, volleyball, horseshoes, cornhole, game room, campfire shows, cookouts, picnics, biking and special events

One of our favorite rooms in the Plantation home.

Yet for fans of country music royalty the pilgrimage is to Lynn's house and museum. Guided, scheduled tours of her home are available daily. Folks will see the family's carriages and then enter the lower level of the structure which pre-dates the Civil War and includes the kitchen where the 1980's Crisco ads were filmed. Family photos and albums line the walls of the home which add to the narration that the tour guide gives.

Another highlight at Hurricane Mills is the Loretta Lynn Museum which features personal items including gorgeous dresses galore plus the sewing machine that Lynn used to make her own clothes in the early days. Also of interest is the Sear's guitar that Moody gave his young wife plus props from the movie. Lynn's awards, cars and momentos from other country artists are also showcased at the museum plus some displays have hand written descriptions from Loretta.

More scenes including Loretta's horses, a replica of a coal mine and Sissy Spacek's blue dress.

Also on site is Loretta's Frontier Homestead that allows visitors to walk through a cabin similar to the one Lynn grew up in and is packed with hundreds of artifacts such as cook wear, saddles, tools and more. Coal Mine # 5 is a dark tunnel filled with coal mining gear which gives folks the illusion of being in an actual mine. The walk though tour is narrated by Loretta.

Western Town overlooking a waterfall includes gift shops, a Doll Museum featuring gifts from Lynn's fans and a Native American Artifact Museum. The small town is scenic and one may spot either cats or the family horses. Loretta Lynn's Ranch is where royalty reigns in a rural setting making it an enjoyable day trip or if you prefer a camping weekend.

Loretta Lynn went from Butcher Holler to Hurricane Mills.

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