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Music City Industry Spotlight - Dallas Jack and Record One

by Rich and Laura Lynch

The story of how we met producer, audio engineer and entrepreneur Dallas Jack could be pulled straight out of the Music City miracle play book. Our paths crossed on a May day on the banks of the Cumberland River while the world outside was living out the trying twists and turns of a virus-related quarantine. Ah, simpler times. For now, those details will be spared except to say it was a very life-affirming experience and it led directly to a sit down meeting to learn more about the man behind the Record One studio and production company in East Nashville on June 2, 2020.

Dallas Jack at the Record One office and studio in East Nashville.

The story of CEO/Executive Producer of Record One, Dallas Jack is in itself unique and fascinating. The affable 22-year old began his own business not too long ago but his time in the field dates back a decade when as a 12 year old he along with an older mentor were tasked with building a modern recording studio for a faith based project in his Seattle hometown.

As a pre-teen Dallas Jack began learning everything he could about the business and became adapt at artist relations while developing a key eye and ear regarding all things concerning audio production and music promotion. It's safe to say a fire was lit inside the young man and by the time the home-schooled prodigy completed high school he earned a two year's worth of college credits in music before heading east to continue and complete his studies at Belmont University in Nashville emerging with bachelor of science degree in Audio Engineering.

Fast forward to now and Dallas along with his team of expanding producers are branching out into the world of webcasting. Together they have just designed a new studio add-on to allow for high quality streaming and real-time live album production. You could say his timing is perfect for this type of hands on service that is needed more than ever as the whole world has quickly moved to adapt this form of music presentation in a Covid 19 impacted planet.

Aspyn Taylor's "Ending" is a great beginning in Nashville.

On the afternoon that we bumped into Dallas on the city greenways he was with one of his new clients scouting out locations for a photo-shoot for the up and coming artist Aspyn Taylor - a Country Music and Pop aspirant hailing from Southwest Michigan. No stranger to town she recorded her first single on Music Row at 14 and she has recently sought the talents and service of Record One to keep the momentum moving forward.

Jack was at the helm for her "Ending" that is an explosive guitar-driven missive on making new starts. Taylor is a powerful and convincing front woman with a bright future in the genre and her along with Dallas made a strong musical mark together with a great beginning on her powerful single.

"Never went to one," was the surprising reply when we asked Dallas about the Belmont party scene. In hindsight, the fairly shocking response made plenty of sense. Jack has had a vision to make an impact in the industry ever since he was a child when many of his peers were playing video games and becoming Millennials. His dedication, discipline and passion were strangely and laudably singular. There's a reason his bookings are typically scheduled out a full month in advance. Get in touch with Record One today and they will bring that same determined focus to your own craft.

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