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Down on the Farm with Musician Mike Shipley

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Spend an afternoon with musician Mike Shipley and you will see how he lives like a king on his ten acres in Dickson County with two horses and his barn chickens serving as devoted subjects. We had the chance to do just that in early May and I gotta say - it felt like freedom! Shipley kept us entertained and engaged as the American veteran told us just a small part of his long and winding personal story for a few hours during a rained-drenched day in Middle Tennessee.

Down on the Farm with Musician Mike Shipley
Mike Shipley down on the farm in Dickson, Tennessee.

Mike will be the first to tell you he's an acquired taste and that not everyone likes him. That's fine by him - he's used to it by now. On the first track "Wild Branch on the Family Tree" from his new 4-song EP he courageously sings how his mother and father both had reservations regarding their outcast son for whom trouble always seemed to follow.

More of Mike's real life experiences find their way into the songs when he tells of moving to work long days and nights in Alaska where he saved so much money because he couldn't spend a dime. Still, he would have rather been back home in the Pacific Northwest where he could at least throw a dime in the jukebox.

The self-titled "Shipley" features high quality rock and country musical accompaniment with capable piano, fiddle and peddle steel breaks included throughout. As a vocalist Mike will at times evoke Elvis, The Man in Black or even the incomparable Roy Orbison when he's not falling back on his own gritty and growling patented style.

Down on the Farm with Musician Mike Shipley
Welcome to the Shipley Ranch.

Shipley is a hero who served two tours in Vietnam earning a Silver Star for saving the life of a young child who was caught in the crossfire of a particularly fierce battle. Mike was immersed in more post war drama when arriving home the Seattle contingent of greeters did not provide a warm welcome and a brawl broke out on the tarmac.

Today, Mike remains a liberty loving citizen of the United States who is also a strong second amendment advocate. This gun-toting product of the Plains even named his performance space "The Cowboy Room" that pre-Corona held weekly gatherings of the region's best songwriters.

Mike will tell you he's "living the dream, just outside Nashville, Tennessee on a little ranch just this side of West Heaven". That Ranch was scheduled to host a 5th Annual Shipley Songwriters BBQ this summer. That event, like everything else was put on the back burner due to Covid 19. Still, Mike's taking his show and new CD on the road very soon. He's got places to go and people to see - whether they like it or not.

Down on the Farm with Musician Mike Shipley
The new four-song EP from Mike Shipley.

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