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Dusty Slay and Aaron Weber Are Having a Good Time via Live Stream

by Rich and Laura Lynch

"We're Having a Good Time" is Dusty Slay's familiar catch phrase. Dusty was picked as one of 2019's Top Comics to Watch by Variety Magazine. He has appeared on a number of major late-night TV shows in addition to touring comedy clubs nationwide. However, Slay like many have had to find other ways to reach fans as venues remain closed due to the coronavirus. The current trend is live streaming.

Dusty Slay and Aaron Weber Are Having a Good Time via Live Stream
Dusty Slay and Aaron Weber at Zanies in Nashville.

Circle Network teamed up with Zanies Nashville for the Circle's first live stream comedy event on Wednesday, April 1, 2020. The program was hosted by Aaron Weber and Dusty Slay. The show lasted about an hour and half. The two chatted as folks chimed in via social media. They also ran best-of live clips of comics from the Circle's TV Series Stand Up Nashville! .

Both men have headlined at Zanies and have performed at the Grand Ole Opry. During the broadcast, each commented that being a part of the Opry was an honor. They talked about what they were doing at home while experimenting with different screen backgrounds. They also asked for donations with all proceeds going to Zanies' staff. Contributes can be made via Zanies GoFundMe page or Venmo @zanies-nashville

Many of the comedians featured on Wednesday shared funny, relatable Southern points of view which included jokes about family and roads named after MLK. The live stream did showcase both Aaron and Dusty performing at Zanies plus homemade videos. Weber showed viewers his DVD collection while Dusty discussed Tick Tock as a lead into a short film of his bird bath. He also gave some practical advice about carving your own path.

We had a good time watching the two on split screens banter between clips of the other performers so it flowed like a live comedy show in a club. However, we imagine it was hard for both comedians as they are accustomed to gauging their gags by laughter where in this environment they were relying on reading comments while trying to maintain a conversation. We are glad that this option is available but hope that they and other entertainers can return to the stage soon.

Stand Up Nashville! is part of a growing number of original programs focusing on artists and their hobbies, music, family, food and friends. For more information please visit and @CircleAllAccess on all social media platforms.

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