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President Trump Tours Tornado Ravaged Tennessee

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Three days after a series of terrible tornadoes touched down in Middle Tennessee President Donald J. Trump arrived to tour the state on the morning of Friday, March 6, 2020. Trump - wearing a red "Keep America Great" hat - departed from the distinguished plane and was immediately greeted by local dignitaries including Tennessee Governor and First Lady Lee along with Nashville Mayor John Cooper.

President Trump Tours Tornado Ravaged Tennessee
Air Force One lands in Nashville three days after tornadoes ripped through the region.

A large group of curious onlookers observed the scene from the hill on Dell Parkway and endured a brisk breeze to watch the damage assessment delegation board two Presidential helicopters and three ominous looking Ospreys as they took to the air to head toward Putnam County - the region in the Volunteer State that endured the greatest loss of life in the early morning hours on Tuesday.

Speaking of volunteers - many early rallying cries went out to support the victims of the storm including "Nashville Strong" and a variety of Memes declaring "You're about to see why Tennessee is called the Volunteer State". Sure enough, only a few days after the disaster blew through a lot of heavy lifting and clean-up was well underway by heroic volunteers underscoring a unique community spirit that exists among the local population. Outside assistance also arrived and we observed a small army of orange clad helpers organized by the North Carolina based Samaritan's Purse. Under the leadership of Franklin Graham - son of the famed evangelist - this group was hard at work in the area of the Donelson Christian Academy that was inexplicably wiped off the map in a matter of mere seconds.

President Trump Tours Tornado Ravaged Tennessee
The Germantown AutoZone was one of the first reported sites of devastated. (Photo courtesy of Javelyn)

The terrible unrelenting twisters - including one with a track that lasted for more than 50 miles - impacted Davidson, Wilson and Putnam the hardest. Locales such as North Nashville, the recently resurrected Germantown, the always hip East Nashville and Mt. Juliet - the hometown of country music legend Charlie Daniels - took the brunt of the pain dished out by the worrisome weather. But, the President's visit did provide some comfort.

"People across Tennessee have suffered a great loss, it's been a painful tragic week for our state but Tennesseans are hopeful," Gov. Bill Lee said. "God has used volunteers to bring hope to people all across our state and your presence here reminds us that people all across the country care about what's happening here so we're grateful."

President Trump Tours Tornado Ravaged Tennessee
Trash in trees is a common site after tornadoes tore through Mid-Tenn.

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