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Glow Is Hauntingly Good at The Hermitage

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Jack's Pumpkin Glow is a hauntingly good time at the centrally located Hermitage in Nashville, Tennessee. Jack's Pumpkin Glow is a 1/3 mile trail filled with over 5,000 hand carved jack o' lanterns. Visitors will be amazed by not only the artistry of single pumpkin carvings but the larger than life structures such as dinosaurs that are part of this dazzling display.

Glow Is Hauntingly Good at The Hermitage
The Glow returned to the Nashville region in 2019.

Jack's Pumpkin Glow is running Thursdays through Sundays during the month of October 2019 at The Hermitage. This attraction is not scary although it does have a rather ominous yet ornate grave yard. Generally, it conveys the feel of fall and the spirit of Halloween in an inviting environment - with no monsters jumping out to frighten folks. The walk itself can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. Jack sells tickets in 30 minute intervals to ensure that people can enjoy the extravaganza at their own pace.

Jack's master carvers are on site to demonstrate their skills. In addition, there is face painting, food trucks, novelty merchandise and a pumpkin patch where gourds can be purchased. During our visit we learned that some designs take two hours to carve and others a few days. Interestingly, some of the pumpkins are created from molds and these sculptures take even longer to craft. Jack's assistants train all year for this family friendly fall festival.

Glow Is Hauntingly Good at The Hermitage
Pumpkins galore at Jack's Pumkin Glow.

It is clear that a ton of imagination and innovation goes into Glow. We suggest that you take time to look at the small details. By doing this we spotted a Snoopy pumpkin that put one of many smiles upon our faces. America's favorite pet was hiding in what we heard a mom describe to her delighted child as an enchanted forest. It sure was with its bright flowers and big bees. Another captivating spot was a winter wonderland with snowmen made of white pumpkins as piped in music enhanced the mood.

Glow has a wide array of carvings and colors. In addition to plenty of traditional pumpkins there are themes throughout the trail. One features frogs. Music and effects add to each display that are spaced out so that the sound does not bleed thus allowing folks to immerse themselves in each encounter. Other highlights include a Disney castle, Mr. Potato Head & Friends attending a carnival and a sea scape with jelly fish.

Glow Is Hauntingly Good at The Hermitage
Halloween imagery, cultural icons and local heroes all had a moment to glow at Glow.

Music had its own area with jack o' lanterns shining a light on artists such as Tom Petty, iconic album covers and logos. Across the path are large skeletons armed with instruments. The state of Tennessee is well represented in what looked like a stack of pumpkins molded together with carvings of images such as the Tri-Star. Local sports teams also received a shout out.

Throughout the year, The Hermitage hosts events such as Jack's Pumpkin Glow. It is located at 4580 Rachels Lane, Hermitage, TN. This historic venue takes guests through Andrew Jackson's life and times. His expansive farm features exhibits, gardens and a mansion. The Hermitage was rated the third best Presidential Site in the nation by USA TODAY. It has been listed as a must-see for any visitor to Music City and Jack's Pumpkin Glow is hauntingly good at this location.

Glow Is Hauntingly Good at The Hermitage
Halloween means one thing - winter is right around the corner.

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