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Bruce Cockburn Ignites the Crowd at Nashville's City Winery

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Musician Bruce Cockburn is touring in support of his latest release Crowing Ignites. His fall road trip included a stop at the City Winery in Nashville, Tennessee on September 20, 2019 where he ignited a crowd of faithful followers with a combination of classics spiked with fiery commentary paired with flavorful instrumentals from the new record.

Bruce Cockburn Ignites the Crowd at Nashville's City Winery
Bruce Cockburn performs for a packed house at the City Winery.

Crowing Ignites was produced, recorded and mixed by Colin Linden at the Firehouse in San Francisco. The CD features eleven original compositions by Cockburn, who plays acoustic guitar throughout, backed by a stellar cast of sympathetic musicians. The album traverses a spectrum of sounds ranging from the blues to world with prime examples being the hypnotic, kalimba-laden "Seven Daggers" and the trance-inducing "Bells of Gethsemane," full of Tibetan cymbals, chimes and singing bowls, both are highly atmospheric dreamscapes that showcase Bruce's expressive skills on both 12-string and baritone guitars.

Mr. Cockburn was given a warm welcome as he took the stage. After joking that he was running for president he mentioned that the new album was out. He opened with a nuanced number entitled "Bardo Rush" from his latest followed by the observational, poetic prose of "When You Give It Away", "Last Night of the World" and the insightful "Night Train". Bruce was supported by his talented nephew John Aaron who added accordion accents, guitars, keys and vox to Cockburn's commentary.

Bruce is well known for taking on environmental and political issues in his music but on Crowing Ignites the Canadian is content to let the music do the talking. Highlights from the new record included "The Groan", "April in Memphis" and "Blind Willie" a tasteful tribute to the legendary blues man.

Throughout the night, the avid audience shouted out song suggestions. Bruce was able to get to some. "Worlds of Wonders" was a winner as was the caustic "Call It Democracy". "When The Sun Goes Nova" was the closer with Bruce jesting that it was an ancient song of his. Old or new Bruce Cockburn ignited the crowd at Nashville's City Winery with a set of intricate instrumentals along with compositions from his long and storied career.

SETLIST: Bardo Rush | When You Give It Away | Last Night of the World | Night Train | World of Wonders | Peggy's Kitchen Wall | Cafe Society | The Groan | See How I Miss You | April In Memphis | Bone In My Ear | Look How Far | Jesus Train | Call It Democracy | False River | Wondering Where the Lions Are | If A Tree Falls | ENCORE | All The Diamonds In The World | Blind Willie | When The Sun Goes Nova

Bruce Cockburn Ignites the Crowd at Nashville's City Winery
Cockburn's new record and nephew were featured throughout the night.

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