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Doing the Impossible at Hopdoddy Burger Bar

by Rich and Laura Lynch

So, truth be told, I (Rich) have never been an adherent of the various bean and veggie burgers that are offered in the marketplace. On the few occasions that I chose to take part in these meat masquerades you would find me practically choking down the food in the name of eating right - even if the taste and consistency of most of these impostors was not appealing to me. But, on a recent trip to the Belcourt Theatre we decided to try the much-hyped "Impossible Burger" at Hopdoddy Burger Bar on 21st Avenue South.

Doing the Impossible at Hopdoddy Burger Bar
The impossibly delicious Impossible Burger in Nashville.

As shown the "Impossible Burger" was impossibly delicious and paired with a generous side order of delicate and flavorful fries. The consistency and taste was favorably close to that of a butchered bovine. A secret ingredient or combination thereof had the sufficiently warm burger replicating the juicy experience of eating real ground beef. The encounter achieved the impossible and had me proclaiming that I'll be back for more even if I remain a committed carnivore. But, that could change, too. Stranger things have happened.

While at Hopdoddy's you will have ample opportunity to wash your burgers down with an ever changing slate of finely poured craft beers. On our "to-do" list - return for one of those amazing shakes that kept walking out the door in smiling patron's hands. And, eat another "Impossible Burger"!

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