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Music City Musings - Alyssa Trahan

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Alyssa Trahan is a remarkable star on the rise with stakes firmly planted in two towns at the moment. Sure, she's been a vibrant member of the Nashvillian community since 2016 but she makes regular treks back to her hometown of Rochester, New York to play shows there. Her abundant sass and talent have made her a mentor of sorts and a benchmark for many of the hopefuls who flock to Music City. Alyssa's music combines traditional country instrumentation with modern pop production, creating a fresh new sound all its own that has won over fans of all genres of music, as it can seamlessly cross over genre lines. Her latest single "Petty" pays tribute to the fallen leader of The Heartbreakers.

Music City Musings - Alyssa Trahan

MCN: In a town teeming with talent what makes you standout in Music City?

AT: I would say my songwriting and voice. My signature writing style is honest and empowering, usually with a twist and some sass, and I like to write about what's real and important. My voice is also different than what's currently on the radio, I don't get compared to other artists very often.

MCN: What is the most significant musical experience you have been a part of - or witnessed - in Nashville, Tennessee?

AT: I would say the most significant experience is just being a part of the songwriting community. It's truly another world here and as soon as I came to town, I immediately felt like I was right where I belonged. I went from being the only kid that did music to surrounded by people just like me. It's been amazing to finally feel understood and accepted and to meet so many incredible people from all over the world.

MCN: I recently heard Nashville described as a dreamer's town. Can you encapsulate the size and the scope of the dream you brought with you to Music City?

AT: It definitely is a dreamer's town! Almost everyone here has dreams of becoming an artist, writer, producer, etc. They say 100 people move to Nashville a day, and I'd bet at least 75 of them have music-related aspirations. Personally, my dream is to be an artist/writer. I want to write my own music, tour the world playing it and connect with fans going through or feeling the same things I am. For me, it's not just a dream, but a need. I need music like I need air and I can't see myself doing anything else.

MCN: What are you currently promoting?

AT: I'm currently promoting my brand new single, "Petty"! It's a fun, upbeat, tongue in cheek song that pays homage to a certain legendary artist! ;)

MCN: Nashville is an amazing place. Many call the Tennessee capitol the "It" City while some say we're experiencing growing pains. Either way, it's a fun topic of conversation and the subject always elicits strong opinions. So we ask - what do you love and what do you loathe about the town known as Music City?

AT: I absolutely love the music community and just how much music is in this town. It never gets old! As for what I'm not too crazy about, I'd say how crowded it's getting, the traffic, and the number of bachelorette parties and pedal taverns downtown.

MCN: When you find yourself in Nashville and the surrounding region and you are out looking for a bite to eat - what is your go to place to dine?

AT: There are SO many great places to eat, and I like to try a new place every chance I get! But, some of my usual go-to places are Loveless Cafe, The Pharmacy, The Perch, and The Chef & I on Ninth!


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